Welp.  I'm officially unemployed*!  And living in Rochester.  And all my stuff is in a storage unit.  And I'm living with Mike's parents.  And I got my first speeding ticket.  


Yep, these past few days (weeks?) have been pretty chaotic.


1.  I am officially done with my job.  Friday was my last day.  Ridiculous!  I wrote a post right after I got home from work that day... I'm still debating whether I want to post it or not (I'm basically just an emotional blubbering mess).  But let's just say that it was really sad to leave all my coworkers and to say goodbye to my family but really exciting to be moving on to a new stage of my life! (Update: I posted it one year later! Check it out here)


2.a.  We rented a U-haul and packed it full of all our shiza.


2.b.  (dear lord how do we own so many posessions?!)


3.  We slept on the floor Saturday night.

4.  I got my first ever speeding ticket on rt 15 in PA.  Boo.  (No pic, that's probably frowned upon.)  The hilarious thing is that I've basically spent the last 3 weeks either on the verge of tears or actually crying... yet this particular 15 minute period, when I was pulled over and could have used the tears?  Dry eyes.  Damn you, emotions.


5.  I spent the next 4 hours of the drive going exactly the speed limit.  Do you know how hard it is to go exactly 55 on a highway?!  Thank goodness for cruise control.


6.  Mike drove the U-haul and got up to NY before me.  By the time I got there, he and his parents had unpacked the whole U-haul and were basically done putting everything in the storage unit.  It was amazing.


7.  I went on a "run" (slash walk) around the neighborhood this morning and saw this funny halloween decoration.  People are so crafty!


8.  I'm so excited to be doing my own thing for awhile.  I have big plans tomorrow to get a library card and spend some time hanging out in the library being productive.  Maybe I'll actually have more than, like, 1 post a month now?!  Ha, okay, let's not get crazy here...


9.  Sorry to all you with real jobs... BUT HOLY COW THIS IS GLORIOUS.  I keep feeling like I'm just on vacation... but then I remind myself that I actually don't have to return to a job.


This feels strange ending the list on #9 but I've got nothin else for ya.  Anyway.  I'm gonna go catch up on the millions of blog posts that I've missed out while being MIA this weekend.  Hope you've had a good (long?) weekend!



*Okay, this is slightly a lie.  I'm taking annual leave until November 22 so I'm still getting a normal paycheck for the next month and a half or so.  SWEET.  And then they're keeping me on the rolls for another 6 months in case I realize that I hate the north and want to come back to VA and the gov't.  I know I'm super lucky to even have that option.... I don't think I'll take it, but always nice to have a fallback plan.