Brace yourself: this might be the most important post I ever write!


When I was driving down to VA last weekend, I noticed that a little teeny 2 inch section of the end of my windshield wiper was breaking off.


I ignored it, obviously, (ain't nobody got time for fixin' that) and continued on my merry way for the 9 days that I was down in VA.


On Tuesday, I hopped in my car to return to New York. As luck would have it, Virginia was getting hit with a pretty good amount of snow. But I am now a New York resident, so a little snow didn't deter me. I turned on my trusty wipers and headed out.


As I was about 30 seconds from getting on the highway... MY WINDSHIELD WIPER BROKE. More than half of the rubber blade was broken off, waving around in the wind instead of WIPING THE SNOW OFF MY WINDSHIELD.


(I don't have a picture of the broken wiper in action, but I do have a picture from later in the drive. Imagine this view but with a big piece of windshield wiper flyin around.)


And of course, it was the driver's side wiper, so it broke off DIRECTLY IN MY LINE OF VISION. I'm kinda making a joke out of it, but in the moment, it was actually really unsafe and scary.


(p.s. sorry for the obscene amount of caps in these last few sentences. it was a really traumatic experience so I'm trying to convey my EXTREME WINDSHIELD ADVENTURE properly)


Thankfully there was a gas station super duper close (before I got on the highway) so I squinted through the precipitation, hopped across 3 lanes of traffic, and navigated into their service bay.


$35 later, I had two new wipers. Huzzah! (thankfully I think that was actually a pretty reasonable price, I could have gotten screwed over and had no other options but to accept a ridiculous price!)


BTW- this happened to Mike a few months ago. He had a little 1 or 2 inch section that was breaking off, and he just cut it off with scissors. His wipers are still doing fine. Maybe I should have tried that...


I, on the other hand, just let the broken part dangle, and I guess that wiggled back and forth enough that it broke the whole rest of the wiper.




So let this be your lesson- don't let your windshield wipers break and just hope for the best. The recommendation is that you should replace them once a year. You WILL break them as you are in the middle of a freak end-of-March-Virginia-snowstorm.


Don't say I didn't warn ya....



Where was your last road trip? What do you listen to when you road trip?

Mine was to VA and back. I didn't get an audiobook this time and it was ROUGH. Especially in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania- there are not a whole lot of radio stations to choose from there!