Sooo Mike and I got back to good ol Rochestaaa on Saturday night. I'm pretty sure there's like a 20 degree difference between VA and NY-- we went from sweating constantly to wearing fall clothes. Very confusing.  


Today I'm trying to get back into work mode soooo this morning's post is gonna be a list of random thoughts because my brain isn't ready to think of anything else!


#1.  I've mentioned Tone it Up a few times before, right? TIU is two trainers who make a TON of workout vids and post them on YouTube fo FREE! They also have a paid nutrition program and a few DVDs and miscellaneous other items but I'm a big fan of the free vids. They're starting their (free!) "Frisky Fall" program TODAY and you should totes sign up! They basically just give you a weekly workout schedule for the next 8 weeks. It's pretty sweet. You can sign up for it here! (and no I have no affiliation with them [[I WISH]] but I just really like free workouts :))


#2.  Mike and I are trying to become football fans. Neither of us normally care about football so this year we're trying to be real fans. We already went to a pre-season game, and now I'm trying out the whole "eat awesome appetizers while watching the game" thing.



Sooo we made homemade salsa to watch during yesterday's game! I used this recipe from the Pioneer Woman and it was really delicious. It made a gigantic amount of salsa and I'm proud (or maybe embarassed?) to say that we ate a LOT of it.


#3.  I don't remember what I was doing on Pinterest the other day but I stumbled across this recipe for mini pumpkin pies and now I REALLY want to make them. I actually might do that this week. YUM.


#4.  When we were down in VA, Mike and I went into a Peet's coffee to grab iced coffee (yup, still addicted). We walked in behind a big group of people who told us to go order ahead of them. I told one of the guys that it was okay, they could go first because I wasn't sure what I was getting, and he was like "WAIT-- have you ever been here before?" and when we said no, he pulled us right up to the register and goes "I work for Peet's-- whatever you want to get is on me!" and he paid for our iced coffees! How cool is that?!!


And the coffee was pretty good :)


#5. Remember how I said Mike's car doesn't have A/C and we thought we were going to melt during our drive down to VA? I got smart on our ride back up and used ice packs to cool us down while driving!


I wrapped them in a towel so they didn't drip all over and then we sat with them behind our shoulders. Weird? Probably. But effective. Remember this in case you ever find yourself in an equally hot car ride situation :)



Got any good football-watching snacks to share?

Have you ever randomly gotten free food at a restaurant/coffee shop?

Is it too soon to make mini pumpkin pies?  (please don't say yes)