Did you know that you can score some FREE Chipotle next week??  



Okay, well kinda free. So if you go to Chipotle on Monday, January 26 and order a burrito/bowl/salad/tacos with sofritas (aka tofu), you will get a FREE burrito (of any kind!) anytime between January 27-February 28 with your receipt. So basically it's buy one now, get one free later.


Here's more deets!


Also I've had the sofritas before and it's really good! Don't be scared by the fact that it's tofu; I promise you'll like it! And if you don't like it... well, at least you'll get a free burrito later! :)



Okay other than free chipotle news, the other thing I wanted to notify you of is that IKEA IS AWESOME. Well, most of you probably know that already. But here's the exciting thing I just learned: if you sign up for their Ikea Family card (it's free) you can get FREE COFFEE AND HOT TEA EVERY TIME YOU GO!!!


So this past weekend while we were desk shopping, Mike and I both got cards. It's super easy to get a card-- they have kiosks all over the store where you put in your info (name & email is I think all they need) and they give you a card right there!


After we were done shopping (aka spending 2 hours in the desk section trying out every desk ever) we went to the restaurant area, went to the cashier line and picked up a mug, showed them our cards (they don't even need to scan it) and then got as much coffee as we wanted! It's a serve yourself type thing so you can literally fill up your mug a billion times. So ummmm any of you who go to Ikea, you should totally get the card just for the free coffee & hot tea :)

(oh and the card gives you discounts on some products and other stuff like that... but mostly I just care about the free coffee)


In other unrelated news, have you ever heard of 3 ingredient peanut butter cookies? I've seen the recipe floating around a few places: it's 1 cup peanut butter, 1 cup sugar, and 1 egg. Mix together, bake for 6-8 mins at 350, and boom! PB cookies.


Ours took a little longer than the recipe time to bake-- more like 14 minutes? Not sure if I made them bigger than they were supposed to be or what? Oh and don't mind that one flipped over cookie... there was a slight issue as I transferred from the pan to the cooling rack. ha!

Just in case you wanted to see a picture of sugar, raw egg, and peanut butter. mmmmmm.


We tried them Wednesday night... and they were actually really delicious! I've been trying to find chewy pb cookie recipes (not a fan of the super crunchy kind) and this definitely stays chewy, even a day later! So if you're ever looking for a super easy cookie... try these :)


Also... have you checked out my updated budget coaching page? I revamped the whole process this winter and the new one-on-one program is beginning in February! 


Oh and to round out this post, I was interviewed by one of my awesome readers (HIIIII Susan!!!!) for the website UChic. Check out my interview here!



Are you going to get free chipotle next week?

Do you have the IKEA Family card? Have you been getting free coffee without telling me about it?!?! (RUDE)