We have spent almost every free moment this week at Rochester's Lilac Festival, and it has been AWESOME!  


{In related news, I discovered that people in Rochester pronounce "lilac" as 'lie-lock'... I say 'lie-lack'... how do you say it?}



Monday we saw Carbon Leaf perform. Yes, they are still a band. Yes, they have very dedicated fans (cough cough KATE... haha)


In case you forgot their big song... here's a video clip ;)


Last night we saw Rusted Root (yes, you know them too, they have that song that was in Matilda!)

Remember that one?



As you can expect from me, we did this all on the SUPER-duper cheap. Entrance to the festival was free, and we got creative in saving money everywhere else that we could.


Ways to save money at a festival:

1. Transportation.

The festival was only 2 miles from our house. Our options of transportation were: 1) drive, 2) walk, 3) bike.


Driving wasn't really even an option- we would have had to pay $5 for parking... no thanks.


Walking was my first choice. I am not that confident of a biker; I prefer to stay on my own 2 feet. But walking would have taken 40+ minutes each way. Not the most time-effective choice.


So biking it was! It wasn't as bad as I thought. And bonus- I got more comfortable biking by doing it 5 days in a row!


(don't tell Mike I said that, he's gonna make me bike everywhere now...)



2. Food.

We saved a BUNCH of money (and were probably infinitely more healthy) by bringing our own food instead of purchasing from the festival vendors.


We brought picnic dinners of egg salad or tuna salad sandwiches + carrots + cookies and ate while we watched the bands! It was perfect.


3. Drink

We purchased ZERO beverages at the festival. I am a water drinking CHAMP (if I do say so myself) so I require water at all times. But I hate the idea of paying $2 or $3 for bottled water so I was sure to bring our own from home.


The one thing that might have tempted us was beer; but those were $5-6 for a teeny little plastic cup of beer... we realized that one beer for each of us was the price of a FANCY 6-pack of beer from the grocery store... Not worth it!


4. Entertainment

At these kind of festivals, there's usually free entertainment options and a few paid entertainment options. We made sure to stick to the free stuff (walking around, watching bands) instead of paying for any of the "ticketed" events.


Why pay for something when we could be entertained for free?



Does your city have any cool festivals like this?  Do you take advantage of them? (you shooooould!)