I came up with the most brilliant gift idea to ask Mike for, for Christmas, and suddenly realized that I should share it with YOU! This is a perfect gift for anyone who is trying to be more minimalist (literally the last thing I need is more stuff, so I didn’t want to ask him to buy me something physical) and anyone who really likes relaxing at home.


Oh, and the best part is that it’s totally free so when you and the gift giver are trying to save some money, this won’t cost a thing*! 


The gift idea?





Mike made me an amazing breakfast while I laid in bed and read a book. He even made me coffee!!


It was SUCH a good gift idea. Two of my favorite things are reading and laying in bed so the fact that I could do both of those and also have breakfast appear in front of me was just heavenly. Of course you could also substitute watching Netflix or continuing to sleep or whatever else you want instead of reading.


For the next gift giving holiday, consider asking for breakfast in bed. Or YOU can be the gift giver and make it for someone who’s hard to shop for! 



*Okay, fine, technically it costs whatever the food cost. But I call this free because Mike made me toast, eggs, and potatoes which we already had in the house so it’s not like he went out and purchased things specifically for this gift. Also he gave me a 6pk of beer, an olive oil sprayer, and kitchen towels... so this was part of a bigger group of gifts haha.