The other day when I chatted about free coffee at Ikea, Hollie commented that I should share the other stuff I purchased from Ikea. That reminded me that I really love being nosy and seeing what other people purchase, so why not do it for myself?  


Soooo without further ado, here are my recent purchases (& acquisitions):


Purchased: desk mat from Costco. It was $17.99. I don't buy desk mats often but that price seemed reasonable?


Acquired/borrowed indefinitely ;) : computer chair from my old room at my parent's house & my dad's space heater... so toasty :)


Purchased: the BEST coffee creamer I have ever tried. I'm obsessed. Wegmans was sold out of it when we first tried to get it but thankfully back in stock this past weekend. I don't even know how to describe what it tastes like... it's just really good. The bottle kind of makes it look like it would be minty but it's not at all mint flavored. Just vanilla-ey. Try it.


Purchased: these beach chairs from Costco (my Mom has a membership so I've been forcing her to take me shopping there... thanks, Mom!) and had to get them. Not in that pattern though. We already have a beach umbrella and a nice cooler, so these beach chairs were the last thing we needed for a total beach package :)


Purchased: Ikea vanilla candles. BTW, while we're chatting about it, where do you buy your candles? Any suggestions on cheap but good candles? (we had some cheap ones from Wal-Mart that were NOT good so that's why I specify "good" :)


Purchased: (well technically Mike bought this) a shower curtain for the second bathroom!


Also purchased at Ikea but I was too lazy to photograph: a full size ironing board (Mike and I both had those little mini boards and they are SO annoyingly small), a floor lamp for like $5 (plus a $6 lightbulb, that's where they get ya!), and a rug for the bathroom.


Purchased from Amazon: this washable (!) duster (I was using an old disposible Swiffer one that reeeeeally needed to be tossed out, haha) plus a biiiiiig thing of taco seasoning (Costco used to carry it but not any more! womp wompppp), a little trashcan for our second bathroom, and Brita filters (because I haven't changed our filter in like, over a year... oops). Those items actually inspired February's monthly challenge (I send saving money challenges at the beginning of each month-- be sure you're signed up on my email list before Sunday so you'll get February's!!) but you'll understand more when you see the email ;)


Also if you want to join me on a virtual walk-through of our new apartment, you're in luck! Here's our apartment tour! I'm not sure how it managed to make the tour over 6 minutes long (the apartment isn't THAT big...) but I guess I talk a lot. Enjoy!


(if that embedded video doesn't work, watch on YouTube here!)



What's the last thing you purchased?

PS-- February's Budget Coaching spots are closing TOMORROW!