Sometimes when I procrastinate doing work, I check my credit card online accounts. This is probably surprising to exactly none of you... I blog about money all day, why wouldn't I obsessively check my finances? haha  


So yesterday morning I looked at my to-do list and was like, "ehhhhh I don't want to do any of that yet..." and instead logged onto one of my credit card accounts.


And what do I see?




Last time I checked, I was not a fan of wrestling nor would I ever pay a monthly subscription of $9.99 (that's what the charge was for) to watch it on TV?!?!?!


(Side note: I find it extremely ironic that Monday's New Year's Challenge was about canceling subscription services and here I am with one popping up on my credit card!!)


So I did the whole credit card fraud thing-- call up the credit card company, get the card canceled, dispute the charge, cut up the card, blah blah blah. It was really easy so at least that was a plus- my call log shows that I was on the phone for a whopping 9 minutes and 0 seconds to get it all sorted out.


I was going to show a picture of my cut up card but then decided that it's probably not a good idea to ever show your credit card on the internet, even if it is cancelled and cut up into a million tiny pieces. So instead, enjoy a picture of the scissors that did the cutting.


And you know what's especially weird about this situation? (Other than the fact that the WWE network manages to charge $9.99/mo for people to watch wrestling?!?!?!) This same exact thing happened to me right before we moved last time, too! I remember it was the NIGHT BEFORE WE MOVED... like, I had my last day at work, came home, watched tv and did some packing, randomly decided to check my credit cards, saw a weird charge for a couple hundred dollars to some random electronics retailer. Worst feeling EVER.


What is it about pre-moving credit card fraud? I guess next time we move I'll be prepared and will check my statements every day! ;)


Take this as a friendly little reminder: please, please, pleaseeee check your credit card, checking account, savings account, etc, as often as you can!! I would strongly recommend at least once a week, but DEFINITELY every month before you pay your bill.


Note: I switched to a new blogging platform about a year ago and it deleted all my old comments, but there used to be 10+ comments on this post from other people who this happened to, also!! INSANE. Many were in the Virginia/DC/Maryland area, but there were a few from other states. So who knows what's going on. Hopefully this doesn't happen to you!!




On that lovely note... What are you up to this weekend?

Later this morning we're having someone from the moving company come do a pre-move walk through and I guess they'll tell us what we need to do before moving next week? So we'll probably be busy preparing to move-- AHHHH! :)