One of the most important things when you're saving money is to not deprive yourself of your favorite things.  


One of my favorite things is making fancy coffee drinks at home. I really like using that fake dairy deliciousness of french vanilla coffee creamer, but I don't like the fact that it's kinda on the expensive side. Plus, I don't drink coffee that frequently, so the creamer often spoils before I get a chance to use it. Womp womp.


So I got an idea: could I freeze coffee creamer into cubes?


At the risk of spoiling the surprise... ITS TOTALLY POSSIBLE!


Here are the results of my experiment:


Plan A: I poured about 1.5 T into the ice cube trays (that's what fit in each cube mold) and froze overnight.


Unfortunately, this brand of creamer does not like to freeze solid (I've read reviews of other brands freezing solid, so this might work well for you)... so I scooped the cubes out and put them on a cookie sheet, thinking I could refreeze them individually. FAIL, they melted all over before I could freeze them. So I moved to Plan B.


Plan B: I figured that mixing the creamer with other liquids might make the cubes freeze more solidly. So I made 50-50 mixtures of creamer + 2% milk and creamer + espresso.


These froze MUCH better! I popped out the cubes and put them in ziploc bags for future use.


To make coffee, I take out a cube or two and pop them in a microwave for 30 seconds to melt them a bit while I get the coffee ready- then add the coffee and viola- coffee with cream! (If I leave them frozen, it cools down the coffee a LOT. hence the microwaving to melt first)


Also- these would make an AMAZING coffee fake frappuccino! Throw a few of these cubes in a blender with some cooled coffee and you'll have a delish drink :)


Plan C: I haven't actually tried this, but I think it's what I will do when I run out of cubes: UPDATE: This is the new method I use!


--> just pour the cream into a tupperware container and freeze. Since this brand of creamer doesn't freeze solidly, I can scoop it out like ice cream to get whatever amount I want for my coffee! Super easy peasy.


I am SO glad I discovered this trick! It's funny how something as small as having coffee creamer makes me super happy. And I love that I'm doing it in a fairly frugal way- I can now take advantage of a cheaper unit price by buying a big jug of creamer, and it doesn't spoil! WIN. (and yes, that goes directly against my previous post about not buying items in bulk! haha, I guess this is one bulk item I do like ;) )



Do you make your own coffee? Do you use coffee creamer?