HI!  How was your weekend?  Mike and I spent a majority of our time watching the Olympics... it's been awesome!  My favorite part so far has been the overly-excited announcers for EVERY SPORT.  I think the guy announcing the skiathlon yesterday was losing his voice because he was screaming so much! Hilarious.  


Today's post is kind of random.  I've stumbled across a few cool things in the past few weeks and wanted to share the love with you guys :)



100 Happy Days

I discovered cool thing #1 from a tweet by Kate at Another Clean Slate. She said she had signed up for "100 Happy Days" and asked me (or, you know, everyone who read the tweet) if I could be happy for 100 days in a row.  That totally piqued my interest so I clicked over to the site.


100 Happy Days challenges you to take a picture every day (for 100 days) of something that makes you happy. You tag "#100happydays" in the picture and at the end of the challenge, supposedly can get a book of all your pics? I really enjoy taking pictures of every-day life so this challenge sounded awesome to me! And who doesn't want to prove that they can be happy for 100 days in a row?


Follow along with the challenge on my instagram!  Even better, you should sign up too and we'll be challenge buddies!



Favorite Songs

Bess at Bess Be Fit posted a Spotify playlist the other day and I got hooked on one of the songs- Revelry by Milkman. I've been listening to it on repeat for longer than I care to admit.


My other recent song obsessions are Best Day of my Life by American Authors and Compass by Lady Antebellum.



The Email Game

I was emailing someone the other day and at the bottom of her email, it said "Please excuse my brevity.  I'm trying to win The Email Game!" Intersted, I googled it. The Email Game is a site that logs you into your Gmail, gives you a timer, and challenges you to get through your messages, one by one, within that time to win points. You have the option to reply, delete, archive, send a canned message, or "boomerang" each message (set it to appear in your inbox on a future date).


I like it because it makes me more deliberate about checking email and it even makes it kinda fun!  Try it :)



Breakfast Casserole

I've written about this multiple times so technically it isn't a recent "discovery". But SERIOUSLY, if you haven't tried making a breakfast casserole, you've got to do it ASAP.  (side note: does the word casserole make this sound weird?  I need another description. Breakfast Bake? Morning Mash? Egg Extravaganza?)


I made another one yesterday (and some cookies, mmmm) and it's amazing.  My not-so-recipe recipe is: sautee whatever vegetables you want in olive oil with salt and pepper, mix with eggs, add more salt and pepper (bland casserole is no bueno), and bake in a greased (!!! very important, this stuff sticks) 8x8 pan at 350 for 30 minutes.


Yesterday I used a red pepper, 1/4 of a zucchini and a yellow squash, some onion, garlic, 2 carrots, and some kale.  I added that mixture to 8 eggs and mixed it all together, poured it in a pan, added some cheese on top and BOOM.  Best breakfast ever.



PS-- Have you ever thought about starting your own blog?

One of my blogging friends, Kraig from Create My Independence, is having a webinar this Thursday night on starting your own blog. You should definitely check it out! Kraig has been running his site since 2011 and has built an awesome community and made tons of great contacts (I mean, he personally KNOWS Mr. Money Mustache, who is basically a celebrity in my eyes) so he's a really good one to learn this stuff from.



What fun discoveries have you made lately?  What's your current song obsession?