1 // I can't stand cold water.  I always drink room temp (or slightly warmer than that) water.  Except when it's like 100 degrees in the middle of summer... that's the only time ice cold water is acceptable.


2 // I played piano for 8ish years growing up.  I used to hate it.  Now that I'm older and slightly wiser, I'm glad my parents forced me to do it :)  I tried to play some Christmas songs when I was at my parents house in December... I've definitely lost most of my skill.  Oops.


3 // I have two older brothers- they're 8 and 10 years older than me.  They're the best brothers in the whole entire world.  We didn't really fight or anything growing up because we were so far apart in age.  I always thought they were so cool.  I guess I still think they're pretty cool :)


4 // I love office supplies.  Getting a new notebook or pack of pretty pens is my idea of a good time.


5 // I hated mushrooms until I was 24.  Then I tried them in a few dishes and suddenly I love them.


6 // I dislike most popular songs until I've heard them on the radio.  Once I've heard them multiple times, I decide that I like them.   I also really like those cheesy top-40 stations... it's almost all I listen to.


7 // I can't stand when I don't have toenail polish on.


8 // I used to have a huge obsession with firetrucks.  My 20th and 21st birthday cakes were firetrucks*.  My friends sometimes still send me pics when they see a firetruck.


9 // I don't think I've ever said this on the blog... Mike and I met at a bar in summer 2012.  The details are a bit fuzzy but we're pretty sure it was his sweet dance moves that snagged me.  Or that he gave me his business card.  Also might have been the fact that we were there on, like, 80's night and everyone there was 10 years older than us.  It's crazy- I actually was really close to not going out that night because I'm just not a big fan of bars.  But my new (at the time) roommate wanted to go out so I decided to be a good roomie and go out with her.  And look at me now, living in Rochester with the rando from the bar.  Life is so crazy.


10 // My teeth suck.  I've had probably close to 20 cavities in my lifetime.  The dentist always says "Oh looks great!  You're doing an awesome job brushing and flossing!  You have beautiful gums!  But you have 5 cavities."  WTF?  You just said I was doing a good job?! Thankfully one of my best friends is in dental school so I'll be her #1 customer in a few years. (Oh hey Katie!  You're looking so lovely today!  Can't wait to be your patient!)


11 // When I was young (3/4/5ish?) my hair was so long that I could sit on it.  Also, it was bright red.


12 // Speaking of... I am the only one in my immediate family who doesn't have brown hair and brown eyes.  My brothers tried always to convince me that I was adopted (and that I was a tax refund).  I'm fairly certain neither of those is true…


13 // I lived in the same house from age 0 to age 18.  Then I went to college and have moved 8 times from age 18-25.


14 // When I was younger, I had my heart set on driving a bright yellow pickup truck.  That's the only vehicle I ever wanted to own.  (so far, not successful in that ambition)


15 // I lived with a bunch of random girls from Craigslist after I graduated from college.  I still don't know how I convinced my parents that that was a good idea.  I ended up moving out after 9 months, if that tells you anything about how well we all got along... (but at least I'm still alive!  Anyone seen Craigslist Killer?  yikes)


16 // My oldest niece was born when I was a junior in high school.  I was pulled out of sex-ed class to be told that my sister-in-law was in labor and that I needed to go home.  I still think that's one of the most hilariously ironic situations ever.


17 // I'm listening to Britney Spears' newest album while writing this post.  Is that embarrassing?  It's pretty good!



(Hard to see but that's a whole firetruck scene, complete with toy firetruck, trees, people, and a building!)



Give me some random facts about yourself!  Got any cool tattoos?  Ever wanted to run away and join the circus?  Were you the spelling bee champion of your elementary school?  Please share!!