I spoke in a college class!

This is another funny story of being in the right place at the right time-- a few weeks ago Mike and I walked to a nearby brewery for a tasting. As we sat at the bar sipping our beers, we started chatting with a guy at the end of the bar.


Turns out, his son owns the brewery! And not only that, but he (the guy, not the son) is a college professor! So we exchanged info and then he invited me to come speak in his personal finance class yesterday! So cool.


This was my "OMG I just spoke to college students for 30 minutes" face. For any of you who were in that class- THANKS SO MUCH for being such an awesome audience! You guys are the best!! Seriously, email me if you want to chat! :)


I really can't believe that just a few months ago I was deciding to sign up for Toastmasters (and was scared out of my mind about it), just a few weeks ago I was paralyzed with fear before giving my first 5 minute Toastmasters speech... and yesterday I did a 30 minute talk to a college class. Making big moves, you guys... big moves.


Tone it Up Bikini Series!

Once again, I missed out on the original announcement, but if any of you are looking to start a workout program now that it's warm out, Tone it Up just started their Bikini Series last Monday! It's free- check it out and sign up here! I'm trying to follow along... I'm sore already :)


There's another Republic Wireless lover in our house...

Mike got a SMARTPHONE! He has never ever had a smartphone in his whole life, so this is a very exciting event. (You might recall the time he dropped his dumb-phone off an 11-story balcony? haha)

He got the Moto G from Republic Wireless (that's my affiliate link!). So far so good- I'm going to force him to write a post about it once he's used it for awhile. From what I can tell, it looks and acts exactly like the Moto X, just for $150 less. (I kinda wish it had been out when I ordered my phone!)



Coffee Creamer, round 2

My next cooking project is going to be making HOMEMADE coffee creamer! (you may remember round 1 of my projects- freezing coffee creamer cubes)


I found a recipe that uses just sweetened condensed milk and milk (and flavoring, if you want) and then another recipe for making homemade sweetened condensed milk! So I will be pairing those two together and hopefully making some delish coffee creamer :)



Budget Coaching!

My Budget Coaching program launches on MONDAY!! Make sure you are on my email list so that you can get any announcements or updates! :)



Tell me something random about your day or your upcoming weekend!