So.  I'm furloughed again...!  But this time I have company- Mike is furloughed too!  :)  


I'm not upset about being furloughed (more time to pack? I don't hate it!) but it is kinda a bummer that we don't know how long it will last.  We are kind of "on call" for the foreseeable future... as soon as Congress makes a decision, we'll be called back into work.  Oh well, not going to complain because we've made the most of our 1.5 (so far) furlough days!


1.  We have received 3 free meals in the past 2 days...

Pulled pork BBQ sandwich at Pork Barrel BBQ in Del Ray...



Sesame chicken at Panda Express (unrelated to furlough, but still a cool deal)...



and a free burger from Zburger in Arlington.



2.  We attempted to go back to Pork Barrel again tonight but they were out of pork!  Bummer.  We might try again tomorrow if we're still furloughed ;)  Instead we got a homemade marshmallow (SO GOOD) and the best icecream ever- mint chocolate chip- from Dairy Godmother. So so sogood.


3.  I finally tried a trick that I saw online a few months ago:  if you have a candle that's burned down so far that you can't light it with a normal lighter, light the end of a piece of uncooked spaghetti.  The end of the spaghetti will light and you can stick that down into the candle.  It actually works- and you don't need to buy a fancy long handled lighter!



4.  Another thing I have seen is that if you wrap a beer in a wet paper towel and then stick it in the freezer, it will cool faster.  That is totally true, too!  If you're ever needing to chill some beers pronto, try the wet paper towel trick.



5.  Speaking of packing, we had the BEST experience getting free boxes today.  We swung by our local ABC (liquor) store and asked the clerk if they had any boxes.  He told us to drive around the back of the store, and then he opened the back door and brought us TONS of boxes!  Sometimes I really am overwhelmed by how helpful people are.  Giving us boxes took him away from his job but he didn't even mind!  He was happy to go above and beyond to help us out!  And also, now we look like we we are alcoholics.



6.  My coworker got me a going away gift... :(  She gave me a gift bag from Starbucks- this mug will remind me of being near DC and she filled the bag with a giftcard and some snacks that I can eat during our road trip up to Rochester :)  So sweet!



Welp, CNN is still reporting that there is "no end to government shutdown"... so thinking we'll still be furloughed tomorrow.  Oh darn ;)



What's up in your world?  Are you impacted by furlough?  Could you care less?  Please share!