Bossing myself around has turned out to be harder than expected. I mentioned this in my last funemployment update but basically I’m discovering that it’s more difficult than I imagined to keep focused when I’m all alone staring at the computer screen.So today, I’ll discuss some ways that I’ve been able to get myself motivated.


Wednesday, we’ll talk about avoiding distractions, and Friday we’ll tackle creativity!




How I Get Motivated


Read inspiring things

I created two Pinterest boards, Productivity and Motivational Quotes, that I am slowly building up with pins that inspire me to get stuff done. I like to take a look at these boards while I eat breakfast. It sounds cheesy, but reading motivational quotes totally makes me excited to start my work day!



Learn something new

When I discussed Evernote last week, I promised to let you guys know how I use the program to keep productive.


I’ve discovered that learning about productivity- how other people stay productive, tips and tricks, tools, etc- totally gets me in motivated to start working. Is that weird? Don’t tell me if it is. Anyway, because of that, one of my biggest tricks is that I started an Evernote notebook called “Productivity”. Whenever I come across an article, website, podcast, or video on something productivity related, I’ll save it to that notebook. On days where I feel particularly lazy and unmotivated, I’ll pull up one or two of those notes and learn something new. Learning, especially when it pertains to productivity, totally gets me back into the work mindset.


For you, productivity related articles and podcasts might not be your cup of tea. That’s totally fine! Find a topic that energizes you and create a notebook full of things to learn about it! Maybe you’re an aspiring photographer and learning about different camera angles is what excites you. Whatever it is, I promise- learning something new will give you instant motivation!



Think about your goals

Whenever I start to majorly veer off task and can’t get my head in the game, (anyone get that High School Musical song stuck in their head from that phrase? Just me? ....ooookay moving on) I stop for a minute and remind myself of the big picture. Ask yourself why.Why are you doing what you’re doing?


In my case, I have to remind myself that I’m trying to build a business so that I can be my own boss. I want to create a business that I own. I want to help people get smarter with their finances. I want to help make a huge, meaningful change in people’s lives.


Thinking big brings me back to the important tasks at hand, and makes me energized to get back to work. Try taking a few minutes today to step back and think about your big goals.



Pump-you-up music

It’s been scientifically proven that music motivates people*.


Create a playlist of your favorite pump-you-up songs to get you into the productive mood. My current favorites are: Underneath the Tree (Christmas music!), All I want for Christmas is You (the ultimate Christmas song!), and Timber (NOT Christmas music!).  I can’t guarantee that my song choices will motivate you.... just find whatever music you like and rock out!


*I am too lazy to find an article backing that claim up, but just believe me.



Set deadlines

I’m not motivated unless I have a deadline that I know I have to meet. Try setting some deadlines for yourself! They can be daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly. Having a firm date to complete something by can kick your motivation into high gear!


Also, giving yourself a reward once you complete your goal can also be a good idea. Sometimes I challenge myself to finish a post by a certain time (aka when Mike gets home) and if I make that goal, I get to paint my nails. Works every time ;)



Go somewhere new

If you work out of your house, you’re bound to get cabin fever at some point. Try working somewhere new for a change! Pack up your laptop and some snacks (this is very important, hunger is no bueno for productivity) and head to a coffee shop , or your local library, a nearby park... anywhere that you can set up camp and experience a change of scenery. Just remember that if you’re going to hang out in a coffee shop or cafe type place, be nice and buy something. They’re trying to run a business, too!


If you work in an office environment, could you reserve a conference room for a few hours? Or sit at an empty desk across the office? Being somewhere new, away from the usual distractions of your desk, can do wonders for your productivity.



I hope these tips help get you motivated to work! Check back on Wednesday for some distraction avoidance techniques!



How do YOU get motivated to work? Please share- I’d love some new ideas!