Whoa. A post on a Tuesday? I know, I know. It's getting crazy around here.  


I thought it might be cool for you to not only hear me chat incessantly about finances, but maybe other people too. After all, the main thing that I want you to get from this lil' blog is that you can be 100% normal and still be smart with your money. You don't have to be a hermit, you don't have to be a total cheapskate; you can still hang out with friends and go to restaurants (if that's your thing) and buy cute clothes (if that's your thing) and travel cool places (if that's your thing). You can be normal.


And to prove that point, I am going to start interviewing some of my favorite bloggers and get their perspective on money! These posts will go up on Tuesdays, so be sure you check back on Tuesdays in addition to my usual Monday, Wednesday, and Friday posts! :)



First up in the Gettin' Nosy series is my friend Jamie from The Jar Half Full. I really don't remember how we found each other, but all I know is that we have become internet bffs (whether she likes it or not) and I love it.


Jamie runs a shop at The Jar Half Full where she sells the cutest mason jar tumblers and she's adding other home decor items, too! (pic from her site... that is def not my photography work obviiiii haha)


She was super duper sweet and sent me one of her tumblers last week and I dude... I love it.


I've been filling it with iced coffee and taking it to the library while I work. It's actually really perfect because after I'm done with my coffee, I can rinse it out and fill with water from the water fountain. {I used to attempt this with normal coffee thermoses but it's actually reeeeally annoying to drink water from those... they're designed for sipping not for actually drinking. I like being able to drink lots of water, not just a tiny sip at a time. Long story short, thank you Jamie because now I'll be much more hydrated and way less frustrated with my drinkware! haha}


Gettin' Nosy with Jamie from The Jar Half Full:


1.  I LOVE learning tricks & tips that can help me to save more money. What is the best financial tip you’ve ever heard?

I know you've already talked about this on the blog, but I'm a huge believer in direct deposits! If you never see the money in your account in the first place, you never miss it.


2. What is your proudest financial moment?

I'd say my proudest financial moment was saving up for a big vacation that I'm taking this summer. Travel is a huge priority for me, and I have a dedicated travel fund to save for trips. Me and my boyfriend will be frolicking around Italy and Croatia in June, and the entire trip was saved for and is paid off. That's a great feeling!


3. Prioritizing your spending so that you spend money on things that truly make you happy is something that I think is SO important. What are some things that make you ridiculously happy and you feel zero guilt spending money on? 

First of all, I LOVE your philosophy on this! Being on a budget doesn't mean being boring and never doing anything - it means prioritizing! Travel is one thing I never feel guilty about spending money on… they say it's the only thing you can buy that makes you richer, and I totally agree! I can also drop $50 on books and not bat an eye - I try not to go buy brand new books TOO often, but I do love to read, and have never felt guilty about a book purchase. In general, I'd say I prefer to spend money on experiences because that's what makes me happiest!


4. On the flip side, what things do you try NOT to spend money on, because it doesn't make you happy?

Fancy dinners is the first thing that comes to mind. I love to eat, but really don't get any satisfaction out of dropping $200 on a steak dinner. I also don't like to spend money on having the newest electronic gadget, like the newest iPhone. I just don't care that much, and would rather save up for a killer trip!


5. I’m big on setting financial goals. I think it’s hard to progress in our financial life if we aren’t really sure what we’re working towards. What are your current financial goals?

My biggest financial goal currently is saving for a down payment on a house. I want to put down at least 20% when I finally buy, so a lot of my savings is dedicated toward that right now. My other goal is to replenish my travel fund - I have a 2016 trip to Thailand in the works, so I need to save for that!



Thanks so much for letting me interview you, Jamie! I love how well you prioritize your travel and can't wait to hear about your trips this summer!!



Do you like getting nosy and hearing about people's financial lives like I do??

I hope you do because I've got a few of these coming up! :)

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