This week for our Gettin' Nosy interview, I'm chatting with Katie from Katie Did What!  

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I am super excited to be interviewing Katie today! Katie's blog, Katie Did What, is one of my favorites... and not just because she posts the CUTEST pictures of her almost-1-year-old son ;) Katie's blog focuses on fashion and beauty but also is full of snippets from her life and I loveeee that! She's just so positive and happy and a great inspiration for living life to the fullest!  I was also quite excited to feature a fashion-focused blogger in this series to learn how she balances her love for shopping with saving money ;)


Also, Katie and her husband are basically building a blog empire-- between the two of them, they run multiple successful blogs! (Her husband has a site called and it's SUPER helpful for bloggers!) So I'm also obsessed with Katie for her successful business skills ;)



1.  I LOVE learning tips & tricks that can help me to save more money. What is the best financial tip you’ve ever heard?

Well, since I am a HUGE shopper and love buying clothes, the best financial tip I heard was from my dad and it is to never buy anything at regular price, because everything (well, nearly everything!) goes on sale eventually! It’s hard, especially in fashion blogging, to not always have the latest hot item, but financially it is definitely wiser and more beneficial to wait. Chances are, you won’t want it if you sit on it for a while, and then you can save up for something you really do want!


2.  What is your proudest financial moment? 

My proudest financial moment isn’t exactly a moment, but more just a general pride in the fact that I have never had any debt. I have always been really good about paying off my credit cards each month and making sure that debt never accumulates. I was lucky enough to not have any student loans, which is nearly impossible these days thanks to crazy high tuition!



3.  Prioritizing your spending so that you spend money on things that truly make you happy is something that I think is SO important. What are some things that make you ridiculously happy and you feel zero guilt spending money on?

I believe in being smart with your money and saving up for the things that you really want or need, and skipping out on the things that are simply passing fads. With that being said, I am also a big believer in retail therapy, and if I’m really upset or stressed out I will allow myself to do some online shopping and it really does make me feel better and happy! So as a means of keeping my sanity I absolutely feel zero guilt spending money! It’s usually a new pair of shoes or some fun clothes or makeup.


4.  On the flip side, what things do you try NOT to spend money on?

I try not to spend money on cheap things that are passing fads, since I feel it’s better to invest in classic pieces that you will get your money’s worth out of.


5.  I’m big on setting financial goals. I think it’s hard to progress in our financial life if we aren’t really sure what we’re working towards. What are your current financial goals?

My husband and I are saving for a home right now, so we’re cutting back spending wherever we can in order to do so! We rarely go out to eat, which is actually healthier and more fun anyway, plus with a baby it’s more of an ordeal! We also do a lot of things that are free, like watch movies at home, go on runs around the city and have picnics in the park. I’m a firm believer in it’s not what you’re doing but who you’re doing it with! Plus, we like to daydream about our home that we’re saving for, and keeping that goal in mind definitely helps when it comes to prioritizing what’s important!

Thank you SO much for letting me interview you, Katie!! :) You all should go check out her blog ASAP!! And follow her on Instagram and Twitter!



I love that Katie daydreams about her financial goal of buying a house! Do you ever daydream about your goals? Do you think it helps keep you on track?

I think daydreaming about goals is an awesome technique to keep yourself on track! It kinda gives you that warm & fuzzy feeling to picture yourself accomplishing your goals, doesn't it? And once you've pictured yourself accomplishing your goal, that makes you want it even MORE!