Soooo since I keep forgetting about this series, I think this might be my last post (unless you have a suggestion for a topic- in which case I’ll gladly continue ;) )  



In recap, we’ve already covered: going out at night, restaurants, friend dates, mani/pedis, movies, and wine/beer tastings.


So here is the biggie…


What do you do when friends or family invite you to do bigger events? Not just a little coffee date or a mani/pedi or a wine tasting… but like, big things.



Sporting Events / Concerts:

Only go if you reeeeally want to go. These tickets can run from like, $10 (for baseball or something like that) to HUNDREDS. Don’t agree to go just because your friend is pressuring you. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before, but concerts are NOT my thing. So I usually say no.



If you do want to go, for the love of god, DON’T DRINK ALCOHOL. Venues charge like $8 for a Bud Light at sporting events and concerts! Uhhhhh thanks but no thanks. If you do want to drink, consider pre-gaming (whoaaaa that's one of my first posts, haha!). But only if you can do it safely and legally, of course.


Also, eat a big meal before you go. Food is always wayyyy overpriced. Not worth it (to me at least)



Finally, set your budget in advance. If you want to drink, decide in advance how many ($8) beers you’ll get. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the event and keep ordering. So decide before you go and stick to it! Also, will you buy any event merchandise, like a CD or jersey or festival t-shirt? Again, easy to get caught up in the excitement and buy a $30 t-shirt only to realize once you get home that you really didn't want it.



Think long and hard about this before making your decision. It’s ALWAYS okay to say no to bigger expenses like this. I mean, your friends can’t expect you to drop hundreds on a vacation they’re going on. It’s just not feasible. And if they DO expect you to do that, well, perhaps that’s not a good sign for your friendship. #justsayin



If you do want to go, talk in advance about budgets. You don’t want your friend booking a $500 a night hotel room when you were thinking more in the $100 a night range. Also discuss food-- will you chip in and buy some groceries? Or is your friend trying to eat every meal at a restaurant?


(When we went to the beach with our friends last summer we did a big grocery run and it saved us SO much money!)


Also, before you go, make a list of things YOU want to do. Just because you’re going with other people doesn’t mean you can’t make time for things that make you happy. This is your vacation, too!


Same vacation: I really wanted to try this ice cream place so I suggested it to our friends. To my surprise, everyone wanted to go! It was great. But even if they hadn't wanted to go, I would have gone. Because it was my vacation, too!


And I’ve written about this before; here are a few / other / ways you can save money on vacation!



Do you go to sporting events / concerts / vacations with friends & family? How do you make sure your spending stays under control?

Also: have any other topics you'd like me to cover in this series? I'm up for anything! :)

PS-- it's free (kinda) sofritas day at Chipotle!!

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