It’s been a hot second (does anyone use that phrase anymore?) since I last posted one of my “How to _______ without spending a billion dollars” posts.  


But never fear! I’ve come up with a few more that I’ll post in the next few weeks.


(And just a reminder for those who are catching up: I’ve written about going out at night, restaurants, “friend dates”, and mani/pedis. I even created a page dedicated to these posts, check it out!!)


Today’s topic:

How to go to the movies without spending a billion dollars?

First off, I’ll share my usual advice. Ask yourself before you go: Do you actually WANT to go or do you just feel guilty saying no to someone who invited you? (if it’s a guilt thing, check out this post where I talk about ways to say no!) So unless you do truly want to go, just say NO.


Not to knock any of you normal people who do enjoy going to the movies… I’m just not a big fan. I don’t understand the allure of spending $13.50 or whatever tickets are nowadays just to sit next to your friend in a dark and crowded movie theater. You can’t even talk to each other; why pay money to essentially NOT hang out?


friend dates

If you’re looking for a way to hang out without shelling out for a movie ticket, try suggesting a $2 coffee date and you just saved yourself $11.50. BOOM.


Or if it’s a movie you do really want to see, suggest that you wait until the movie comes out at the cheap theaters. (you know, those theaters that have $2 or $3 tickets) Better yet, find something that’s playing at a cheap theater and suggest you go to that, instead. Distraction!


But I know going to the movies is something that many people enjoy. If you are a regular moviegoer (is that even a word? spellcheck says yes!) look around for discounts or bulk buying options. Take advantage of matinee prices, Military discounts, or student discounts, if those apply to you. It looks like some theaters even offer big packs of tickets you can purchase at a discount, and places like Costco also offer discounts on bulk tickets. If you know you go a lot, that could be something to look into!



What's the last movie you saw in a theater?

Do you have any cheap movie tickets tricks that you can share? :)