I am SUPER excited to share today's post. Remember back in the day when I was doing my "Gettin' Nosy" posts? Yeah, I LOVE talking to people about their money and finding out what they prioritize, what their goals are, etc.


I was recently emailing with my friend Susan and she shared that she had set some pretty big financial goals for herself for 2016. She was nice enough to let me interview her and share it on the blog! I'm hoping that reading about Susan's goals will motivate YOU to achieve yours, too! :)



1.  Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Hey everyone! My name is Susan. I am 25 years old and live in New York. I work full-time as a fundraiser for a national non-profit organization and am also the President of All Island Kiwanis. I was a cheerleader through college, so one of my interests is health and fitness and I am currently loving Kettle Bell Kickboxing!


2.  What has your financial journey been like so far?

After I graduated from college in 2012, I started working in non-profit so I knew I would be making less money than I expected. I was really good about saving and paying off credit cards right away when I first started working full time, but after my first job transition, it became a struggle to keep up.


3.  What financial goals did you set this year?

In 2016, I am working towards paying off my credit cards by December 2016 and starting to build up my savings account.


4.  What made you set those goals? Was there a specific moment or event that made you realize you wanted to work on your finances?

I had a moment a few months ago where I was just frustrated at myself for getting myself into debt. However, instead of dwelling on it, I found a way to fix my mistakes. I want to work in non-profit as long as I can, so right now I am in the middle of setting up my own Public Relations company. I already have one signed client and a few interested ones, so I am hoping this is something I can do to help me reach my financial goals in 2016.


5.  How are you tracking your progress? 

I bought a planner and divided it into different sections. I have tabs for when bills are due, my debt repayment plan, savings goal list, etc. Ashley also has a great number of resources and coaching program, which I still use today!


6.  How are you keeping motivated? Any tips or tricks to share with us?

Vision boards! I use vision boards for my work and personal goals so I thought this would be a great way to keep me motivated and check items off my list. On my vision boards I put logos of the credit cards I have so I can cross those off, inspirational quotes, and photos of an apartment, and items I am saving up for. I also put it in a place I see every morning so that I remember my goals.


7.  What's been the hardest part so far? Have you run into any difficulties/setbacks?

The hardest part for me has been not relying on credit to get me by during the month. Now when there is something I want, I will save for it and pay for it in cash. It feels a lot better paying in cash than swiping a card!


8.  How do you plan to celebrate when you achieve your goal?!

I actually have not thought about this yet! I hope to pay off my debt by December 2016 and maybe I will just save for a spa day so it is an experience and not another thing I am just purchasing to have :)


9.  Anything else you want to add?

I know that it will take time to pay off my debt but I am determined to finish this goal.. I know it can be done though and having someone help guide you through how to do this is always a big help! It is worth the investment.



Thank you SO much, Susan, for sharing with us!! If you guys want to keep up with Susan, follow her on Facebook! (I'm also planning on having her back in a few months so she can update us on her progress!)




I love Susan's ideas of vision boards to keep motivated! How do YOU stay motivated to achieve your financial goals?