I did something big last week.  Like, really big.


Like, life changing.


I threw away my loofah (you know, that plastic poof thing that you use in the shower?)... and I have no plans to purchase another.


I made fun of Mike mercilessly when I found out that he didn't use a loofah ("BUT HOW DO YOU GET CLEAN?  Don't you need to scrub off the top 5 layers of your skin to be clean?!").  But I guess I need to issue an official retraction and admit that he is pretty smart.


You don't, in fact, need a loofah to get clean!  Who woulda thunk?!


I finally realized that you can still get clean by just using a wash cloth or your hands- no $2 poofy thing needed!


Now, here's where it's about to get all weird and introspective, so stick with me:


This really was a life changing decision!  By choosing to give up on the loofah, I am avoiding ~70 years of loofah purchases! (You know, assuming I live until 95 and they don't invent a way for us to NOT have to shower).


Common advice is that loofahs need to be replaced every month or so (bacteria growth or something).  I was a bit lazier and probably replaced mine 2-3 times a year (oh hey bacteria!).  I'd say that loofahs are between $1-$2... so let's do some math.


At $1.50/loofah multiplied by 3 loofahs a year times 70 years... I'm avoiding $315* worth of useless shower materials over the course of my life!


*oh, that wasn't as significant as I thought it would be.  haha oops


But more than that, it made me question the other items that I think are oh-my-god-so-completely-necessary. Could I cut anything else out?


I've already decided to never again purchase microwave popcorn, I don't buy bottled water anymore (I use this water bottle in pink and a Brita filter), and I cut my own hair instead of going to a salon... but what other useless stuff could I cut out?


This silly little poof has given me a lot to think about.





Have you ever cut something out of your life that you thought you totally needed? And then you realized that you actually can live without it?! Isn't it so liberating?!