Today is weird because I'm writing a farewell post to this blog. Farewell for now, at least! As much as I have loved having this space to share my thoughts on personal finance for the past ~5 years, I just am having too much fun doing other stuff in life that I am realizing that blogging isn't my jam anymore.


Examples of said fun things in life: in the past 6 months (since the last time I wrote a post here, haha) Mike and I have started making sauerkraut, we now brew homemade kombucha, we built a compost bin in our backyard, we sprouted seeds from last year's vegetables grown in our garden to grow in this year's garden, we cook almost 100% of our meals from scratch (yeah we eat at restaurants even less frequently than before) (oh and we've kinda started going vegan/vegetarian - not completely, but very often)... we've basically gone off the hippie deep end and I love it. OH and we deleted our facebooks haha. Next is getting rid of our phones and really going off the grid... kidding.. kind of :)


There's just SO MUCH LIFE to live and blogging has taken a backseat.


Plus I'm only 7 months away from turning 30 (whoa) so the blog name almost doesn't fit anymore... haha!!


So anywho. I can't say I'll never blog again, because I really do love writing and sharing ideas on saving money. Many times in the last 6 months I've thought "oh this would make an awesome blog post!" but just can't bring myself to sit at the computer and write. Maybe eventually I'll get back into it, who knows!


I'm going to keep my email list saved, so if I do come back to blogging I'll send an email out to let you know :) You can sign up below! (if you got this post via email then you're already on the list)

I still have my gmail blog address too - if you ever want to chat :)


I'll miss you! Thank you so much for reading along with my life. <3