Real talk: I feel like I've been in a funk lately. I'm 99% sure it's because of the weather and being cooped up too much-- when you work from home AND it's cold outside, there's really no reason to ever leave your house. So you don't. And then you never have human interaction aaaand that's no good for you. Yep.  


Instead you take selfies with PhotoBooth while attempting to film videos (the one that's being sent out tomorrow, actually! I'm pointing to something exciting that you'll get in the email ;)


So I was about to sit down and write a list of all the things that are AWESOME in my life to make myself realize all the things I should be happy about...  then BOOM I got this bright idea, why not post it here AND challenge you guys do to the same? Win win. It really is good for your mood; try it!


Also, it's good for your wallet. When you're in a funk you're more likely to go on a shopping spree at Target in an attempt to make you feel better. FYI-- it won't help. I speak from experience.


Things That Are Awesome In My Life:

Space heaters keeping me warm while I work (thanks for loaning me yours, Dad!)


Tea and iced coffee


Making my own work schedule every day


Posting very important questions on Instagram and getting so many comments verifying that I'm not crazy


You guys leaving blog post comments <3 (cliche blogger response #sorrynotsorry)


Chipotle (duh)


My car


My computer


My nieces (and the rest of my family, I guess ;) )


Good pens




Binge watching beauty tutorials on YouTube in an attempt to learn how to curl my hair (currently obsessed with Kalyn Nicholson)


The fact that winter is almost over


The fact that we are in Virginia because if we were still in Rochester, we'd have like 3 more months of winter to go (sorry Roc friends!)


Our new apartment


Walk in closets


The feeling AFTER you vacuum. Not while vacuuming... but afterwards. Once you're done.

This awesome print from Jamie at The Jar Half Full <3 (ps that's water in the wine glass, I promise)


Watching trashy MTV shows with Mike (last night was Real World and tonight is the season premiere of Catfish! SO GOOD)


Lists + being organized


Candles (still working on finding cheap but good ones, keep the recommendations coming!)


Getting my tax refund and our security deposit from our last apartment back in the same week. Having my own money returned to me is nice :)


My sunglasses... and I guess that guy in the picture with me ;)


Getting new clients for my side job (transcription)


The Saving Money Challenge email that's going out tomorrow (sign up here if you aren't on my email list yet!!) and leading more girls through Budget Coaching this month (check out the program here! Sign ups are open until March 1!) #shamelessplug ;)


I double dog dare you (yeah, that's big) to make a list like this today. When you're done, take a pic and email it to me! (or just send it if you typed it out) --> Ashley @ SavingMoneyInYourTwenties .com :) I'd love to see what's awesome in YOUR life!!



What's one super awesome thing in your life right now?