I am about to share with you one of my BIGGEST time AND money-saving grocery shopping tips. (phew, that's a mouthful)  



Meet: the Master Grocery List.

As I mentioned last week, Mike and I have a pretty good weekly rotation of meals. Our shopping trips don't vary too much from week to week, so I found myself always coming up with the same grocery list, week in and week out.


I suddenly realized that I could create just one list-- a Master Grocery List!-- of all the items we normally keep in the house.


Every week before we go shopping, I pull out the Master list and run through it. If we are low on anything, I jot it down on our grocery list for that trip, and we get it!


I should also mention that I keep a post-it note on the fridge so I can write things down throughout the week-- that REALLY ensures we never forget anything!


Pro tip: I laid out the Master list in the order that we go through the grocery store, which may seem obsessive but really makes it SO much easier to shop.



It saves Time.

Instead of brainstorming the same.exact.list over and over again, having one master list that I can scan through and jot down the things that I need takes much less brainpower and makes planning for grocery shopping SO much easier.



It saves Money.

By seeing all my usual purchases (even the more rare ones, like olive oil and peanut butter), I (almost) ensure that we never forget to pick anything up on our weekly shopping trips.

Because if we DID forget something, and I had to make another trip to the store, I'd probably end up buying more than just that one item I needed. (I mean, come on: have you ever gone to the grocery store and picked up JUST ONE THING? nope, didn't think so)

Keeping my grocery shopping trips to only once a week makes my wallet happier :)



Try it!

Brainstorm a Master list of your own- I know it will save you SO much time and money every week.


PS-- Happy early 4th of July! I hope you have awesomely fun things planned :) I'm not going to post on Friday -- I know, I know, hold back the tears-- but I hope you have a great weekend. Talk to you Monday!!



Do you usually buy the same things at the grocery store every week? Or is it always different items?