In case you haven't checked the calendar, Halloween is Friday (!!!!!)  


I still have no idea what I'm going to dress as, but I do know one (more important) thing: I will be hitting up Chipotle on Friday night.


Did you know that some restaurants offer free / discounted meals on Halloween?! And Chipotle is one of them! I'm actually a bit bummed to see that there aren't too many places that are offering deals this year, but here are the ones that I did find! Please let me know if you hear of any others-- you know I love some good holiday deals  :)


Also, unrelated, but look how pretty the trees are in Rochester!


I KNOW RIGHT? It's beautiful :) I'm just trying to forget that it could start snowing at any moment... well, except for yesterday, it was in the 70s!! whoa.



Free / Cheap food on Halloween:



Gotta start with the best, right? If you come into Chipotle dressed in costume on Friday after 5pm, you can get a "Boorito"-- aka a $3 burrito/bowl/salad/tacos! (I remember in high school it was a FREE burrito if you came dressed as a burrito-- my friends and I would wrap ourselves in tin foil and hit up as many Chipotles as we could!... and then it jumped to $2 and now it's up to $3?! whoaaa)

Note: you don't really have to try too hard to dress up... I'm pretty sure they don't turn you down no matter what you're dressed as.


Krispy Kreme:

Dress in costume and you can get a free donut (any variety!) (haha but they do say "no masks" in your costume, so keep that in mind?)



50 cent corndogs all day on Friday... not sure I'd take advantage of that, but who knows, maybe you're a corn dog lover?



Free Scary Face pancake for kids who come in costume between 7am-10pm on Friday. This deal actually makes me mad, because I've seen commercials about it, and I'm pretty sure they never state "for kids" on there? I WANTED A SCARY FACE PANCAKE! ok, I wouldn't have actually gone to get one... but still!

And if we're going to talk about kids meals, there are a few other places offering free kids meals with the purchase of an adult meal: OutbackBoston Market, Olive Garden, and Sbarro. Click the links before you go-- some of them require a printed coupon.


And one last reminder:

Be sure to hit up the stores on Saturday to stock up on candy. That's the best time to buy it... it's all wayyyyy discounted! ;)



Starbucks is offering $3 grande "Franken Frappuccinos" (and evidently you can get ANY grande frapp for $3) after 2pm Oct 29-31. I kinda want to try the Franken Frapp-- it's a green tea frapp with peppermint and other stuff added in. Sounds pretty good! But, I mean, $3 for a grande isn't that good of a price. You're probably saving, what, a dollar? Still cool though :)



Are you going to take advantage of any Halloween deals?

I know I will DEFINITELY be getting a "boorito" from Chipotle! :)

PS-- I'm sending out November's monthly Saving Money Challenge email on Friday-- be sure you're signed up for my email list so you'll get it!! :)