Ummm... I can't even believe that there are only 11 days until Halloween! When did that happen?!?!  


Mike and I realized that yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of finding our dream apartment! I can't believe that one year ago we still weren't living in this apartment. Insane! (our lease started November 1... which means I'm only 11 days from actually fulfilling a lease, something I haven't done in like 3 years... oops :)


Anyway.. so it's almost Halloween. And it's on a FRIDAY this year-- that's huge! I have no idea what Mike and I are going to do, but I suppose we should start thinking about costumes.


Remember when I wrote this post last year about cheap Halloween costumes? I just looked at it again and remembered how great some of those ideas were :) The funny part is that I didn't even use any of those ideas... I went as a devil {all black outfit + devil horns and tail that we found at Mike's parent's house}... and Mike went as a hockey player. ha!


Soooo yeah... I might be revisiting some of those ideas this year. Let me know if you have any clever costume ideas! :)


Alsooooo... funny story, we attempted to take in a roommate this weekend! (but a good roommate, not like those mice roomies...)


A cat! Remember when I talked about the little wild kittens that we were contemplating adopting? Well.... we ended up taking one of them (his name is Red!) home with us on Saturday :)


Red was a little (okay, a lot) scared of our place... we brought him over around 9pm Saturday and up until we returned him (about 6pm Sunday), he cowered in his little carrier :( We just felt so bad for him! We thought he would explore a bit but he just seemed way too sad/scared. So we decided to take him back.


This was the cats a few months ago-- Red is in front :) How cute, right?


It was a good experiment but I just felt bad making him so sad. (and Mike's parents told us that the other two cats seemed bummed, too-- maybe they missed Red?) I'm sure eventually he would have gotten used to our place, but what if we end up moving and can't have pets in our next apt? Would we dump him back outside with the other two cats and make him an outdoor cat again? That would have broken my heart!


So. That is the story of the 24 hours we had a cat :)



What are you going to be for Halloween???! Share some ideas with me, por favor! :)