Merry Christmas Eve!  


I am hitting publish on this then hopping in the car to head to Virginia for Christmas! (I really feel like I was JUST writing this same exact post like, yesterday, on my way for Thanksgiving??? Dang, time flies...) 


Supposedly there's a big storm headed up (down? across? I don't even know) the East Coast so I'm kinda dreading that. But they say it's just gonna be rain... so at least it's not snow! :)


Like this... pretty sure this is what it looked like when I drove back last Christmas. BOO.


Cross your fingers that my book on tape (here's what I got for this trip) keeps me entertained and that whatever Sheetz I stop at has french vanilla creamer! (some of them don't and it makes me very sad)


I'm not going to post Friday so I'll catch ya back here on Monday. I hope you have an awesome Christmas! (or, ya know, just an awesome rest of your week!)