I got into a pretty good groove of posting for a few weeks in a row... and then promptly got lazy :) I will blame it mostly on the fact that we moved AGAIN. Yes, we just did this, yes, we move a lot, yes, yes, I know. The place we left a 6 month lease (yes, that was a silly idea) which is why we moved again so quickly.*


*My brother's theory is that we just don't pay rent and have to move out as soon as someone realizes it... haha #savingmoneyinyourtwentiesbynotpayingrent


At least we're getting even better at packing and minimizing our stuff...?


So anyway, now that my life has settled down once more, I am BACK! No really, moving just takes up every ounce of free time you have, doesn't it? It's a full week of packing, a full week of unpacking, a full weekend to actually MOVE, and then switching bills and utilities, switching your address with credit card companies, getting new odds and ends for the new house, hanging pictures - my least favorite activity... gah it is just such a process!!! We signed a 1 year lease with the new place so I don't have to do all this again for at least a year... THANK GOODNESS ;)


To ease myself back into blogging, I'm going to keep the tradition alive and post pictures of the apartment we lived in for the past 6 months. I've done this in either picture or video for the past 3 places we've lived (2103, 2015, also 2015) and I kind of like knowing that I can always look back and relive our homes through these posts :)



View from the front door looking through the apartment. Kitchen on the left, bathroom on the right, living room and sunroom in the back!


Here's the kitchen- it's quite small. Although I guess not that small because halfway through our lease I discovered an EXTRA DRAWER that I had just forgotten to use when I unpacked back in October?


Living room (we had already started packing when I took these pictures... mikes guitars aren't normally just sitting there like that)


View from our living room into the bedroom




Bedroom looking into the closet and bathroom



Far end of the bedroom looking into the closet, bathroom, and kitchen off to the right



Sunroom - if you can't tell, those dark lines are from sliding glass doors - isn't that weird? It's like an outdoor door on a sunroom. Strange. The sunroom is neat but it gets SO HOT during the day because we face north so we get sun all day long. Lots of sun + very poor ventilation (the windows only open 6 inches) = SAUNA... and we've only lived there in the fall/winter. I can't imagine what summer would be like! (which is one of the main reasons we aren't renewing at this place). The A/C bill in summer would be absolutely ridiculous.


SUNNY sunroom


View from the sunroom (obviously I took these pictures awhile ago since there is snow on the ground, haha)


View from the sunroom the other way


Looking from the sunroom into the apartment



Aaaaaand that was our cute little 10th floor, 690 sqft apartment!


Things I want to remember that are awesome about this place: free coffee in the lobby every morning (it's not good coffee, but it's free), monthly free yoga classes, monthly free happy hours/parties in the lobby (past parties have included free beer, wine, champagne, chili, cookies, lasagna...), amazing sound insulation- we NEVER heard any sound from neighbors.


Bad things about this apartment: having to ride the elevator every day (I hate awkward elevator talk), awful ventilation (when we cook the smell lingers for HOURS), the sauna sunroom (but I guess that was a plus throughout winter time), the fact that everything is laid out in a circle which makes the apartment seem even smaller.



I miss this apartment a teeny tiny bit, but we've been in our new place for a little over 2 weeks now and I'm LOVING it. I'll be sure to share pictures of the new one soon. The best part is that it is TWO stories!! I haven't had stairs in SO long!! haha