Oh man. Its been awhile since I posted here, huh? The main reason is because it's summer and I like being outside rather than typing on a computer.


Beach > computer


The secondary reason is because I started a new job 2 weeks ago!!! And it's been taking up lots of my free time with needing to do new trainings and things like that. Also learning new things is just exhausting, ya know? I get home from work and my brain feels overloaded with new information and I don't have the mental capacity to think about anything creative like this blog.


Getting the new job was a really good thing for me; I had been in my previous office for 6 years (4.5 years, then a 2 year break where I worked on this website, and then back for another 1.5 years) and that's just a LOOOONG time to be in one office. Especially in your twenties. It was time to try something new.


But man- job hunting is seriously a part time job! It took up a looooot of free time. I've been job hunting since January I think... but it finally worked out! And I got a sweet pay raise, so thats fun :)


Oh! Another fun thing is that my new job is WALKING DISTANCE from home. I am now one of those people who WALKS TO WORK! Capslock is obviously necessary because yes, it is THAT exciting. I leave my house at 7:45 and am sitting at my desk at 8am. It's so amazing. So far I've only gotten rained on once (and now I will obsessively keep an umbrella in my purse at all times) and other than that the walk has been great.


The one downside is that my new company has a pretty strict dual employment policy soooo I am not allowed to sell anything here now. Which is weird. So I've taken my eCourse and coaching offline for the time being :(


Hmmm other updates? I'm currently reading The Couple Next Door - I've had it on hold at the library for MONTHS and it finally came in and omg it is so insanely good. I'm so close to the end and shocking details just keep getting thrown at me and it's crazy and I have no idea what's going on. So good. Highly recommend you also add this to your reading list.


Another thing on my mind due to my new commuting method is... should I get a backpack to carry instead of my purse? Are those totally lame and dorky? I have to lug my work computer back and forth every day (yes, it's annoying) and that gets kind of heavy worn in a purse over your shoulder for 15 minutes of walking twice a day. Also probably not good for your back. I also carry my breakfast and lunch to work, so having a backpack would really help me fit all this stuff. But like I said... is carrying a backpack to work weird?! And if it is- do I really care? That is the million dollar question...


I think I'm finally settling down into a more normal groove with work now, so I am going to try to get back on my more regular posting schedule here. Because even if I'm not allowed to sell stuff, I still feel strongly about the message of being smart with your money, so I want to keep this blog going!



Update me on YOUR life! What have you been up to lately- fun trips? New job? Good books?

Oh-- and do you have any commuter bag tips for me?