... its back to work I go!


(HA omg I'm so sorry to use that at a post title but it's just too perfect of an opportunity to pass up...)


First things first: if you're reading this in an email-- I'm sorry if there are any weird formatting issues. I'm still working on getting my images to resize properly! (last week's email was SO weirdly formatted, ugh terrible) 


So. Anyway. Today I wanted to talk a little bit about my thoughts surrounding this whole going back to work thing. (if you missed the news from last post, I went back to work! AHHH)


Overall, it's a really, really weird feeling to go back to a traditional job after almost 2 years of self-employment.


I'm 98% relieved and excited about it, and to be honest, 2% sad. 


If you can read the to-do-list item at the top of the page-- "Send back job offer!" Also drinking an amazing iced tea thanks to a Starbucks gift card from my sweetest friend Chelsea from The New Wifestyle... she's the best :)


I've always known in my head that I had enough savings to survive for 2 years of self-employment. I quit my job in October 2013, so this coming October was my 2 year mark. I've done okay at self-employment, but was not bringing in nearly enough money to live off of.


So I knew in my heart that I needed to go back to a traditional job in order to support myself.


But it's REALLY hard to admit that, ya know? It's hard to admit that my business wasn't an amazing success. It's hard to admit that I wasn't one of those 20-something entrepreneurs who started a business and immediately started making millions of dollars. It's hard to admit (mostly to myself) that I quit a great job and 2 years worth of great salary to burn through most of my savings and now I'm starting from 0 again (okay not really zero... but wayyy lower than before). 


And quite frankly, it was hard to admit that becoming self-employed in my dream business of financial coaching also caused me to lose some of my excitement for talking about finances. Like... having my dream job caused me to hate my dream job? Haha, does that even make sense? It's a lot more fun to talk about money, budgeting, and tracking your money when you have paychecks coming in every month... not when you're living off savings and just watching your net worth drop lower and lower every month.


So about 2 months ago, as I was coming to terms with the fact that I had lost my excitement for talking about finances and was getting closer and closer to exhausting my savings accounts, I was contacted by someone from my old office (the one I quit 2 years ago) and they offered me a job! It was literally the most perfectly timed situation and I just KNEW that it was a sign-- I needed to take the job.


I started back two weeks ago and couldn't be happier.

It's a bit of an adjustment to actually have somewhere to be at a specific time each day (oh heeey 5:45am alarm clock, I did not miss you!) but overall, I'm really happy I made this decision.


I love having coworkers again. I love having a boss again (seriously, it can get reeeeeally old having to boss yourself around every day). I love having a paycheck again (well, I haven't gotten one yet but I know it'll be awesome! Also we get paid once a month so this will be a fun adjustment to learn how to deal with monthly paychecks!). I love having something else to think about all day rather than "okay, what can I create next to bring in money this month?" I love having a cubicle again (seriously).


I love that I took the risk to start my own business and I love that that I 99.9% don't regret it :)

(when I start thinking about how much money I would have in my savings accounts by now if I had continued working these past 2 years... that's the .1% that regrets it ;) )


For now, I'm working full-time, but the goal is to eventually drop down to 32 hours a week (Monday-Thursday) so that I can have Fridays to focus on Saving Money in your Twenties! (and 32 hours a week is still enough to get health insurance which was a HUGE thing I wanted again... I'll go from paying $170/mo for health insurance to somewhere around $30/mo!! And for better coverage! AMAZING) 


I'm still getting back in the swing of things-- balancing working, commuting, making my lunch again (!!), etc-- but eventually I hope to get back to 2-3 posts per week, free challenges, new products, and all sorts of fun stuff like that! YAY!




What's your favorite thing about your current job? Coworkers, the work, the paycheck, your boss...?