I'm back in Rochestaaaaa! WOOHOO! I remembered yesterday how much I dislike long drives. My book on tape ended with about an hour and a half to go in the drive, so I had to entertain myself with the radio. No bueno. On the bright side, I heard Blank Space about 20 times... definitely obsessed with that song.  


Also on the bright side: I was brainstorming things for my Christmas list (my fam is doing Secret Santa again and we always exchange lists to help figure out what to buy haha) and came up with an even BETTER list....  gift ideas that you can ask for this holiday that will actually SAVE you money!


You know... for those times when your family or friends ask what you want for the holidays (or your birthday, or whatever other random gift giving event) and you have NO idea what to tell them so you end up getting a bunch of junk that you really don't want or need... yeah, let's avoid that this year mmmmkay?


A Holiday Wish List That Will SAVE You Money!

1. Fancy* coffee or tea, or coffee/tea instruments. {french press, espresso maker, milk frother, loose leaf tea strainer, cute travel mug, etc}


Make your own coffee shop drinks = less spending on coffee shops.


*When I was home this past week I called my brother "fancy" for some reason (I use that word a lot if you haven't noticed) and my almost-5 year old niece says, "NO. Daddy is handsome, Mommy is fancy!" Yeah, it was the most precious thing EVER. So now whenever I say "fancy" I picture her saying that! haha



2. Nail polish.

DIY mani/pedi = you can skip the nail salon and save tons o' money!



3. Cooking stuffs. {Crockpot, skillet, panini press, food processor, blender, etc.}

Make delicious food at home = less spending on restaurants!



4. A warehouse membership {Costco, Sams Club, etc}

My parents gave me a Costco membership for my 23rd birthday. It was GREAT. I saved a bunch of money buying things in bulk there and also got many meals worth of free samples ;)



5. Movie tickets (or other event/activity tickets)

My mom gave me this idea. If you seriously have NO idea what to put on your list, ask for movie tickets! Instead of getting random junk that you don't want, at least you get a gift that will entertain you for a few hours!



6. Reusable sandwich bags.

No more buying plastic baggies AND its good for the environment ;)



7. Gift cards for a BIG purchase you want to make.

Maybe you've had your eye on a KitchenAid mixer for awhile, but just can't stomach the idea of dropping $200 or $300 on it. Tell your friends and family who are shopping for you to get you a gift card to whatever store you're planning on buying the item at-- and then you can pool the gift cards to make your purchase much cheaper!

Coaching Widget

8. Budget Coaching {with ME!}

Get a personalized budget = saving TONS of money! But you saw that one coming, didn't you? ;)



What's on your wish list this year?

Got any other money-saving gift ideas?

PS this month's Saving Money Challenge is being sent out at 11am EST-- make sure you're on the list! :)