The other day on Instagram, Sarah asked me what kind of nail polish I liked to use.  


Uh, that was like my favorite question ever. I could go on and on about it, haha!


I also realized that I have a trick that makes my at-home manicure last longer, and wanted to share that with you guys! So I made a little video!


{watch the video above or follow this link to watch!}


Anyway, back to Sarah's answer of what my favorite nail polish brands are!


As you can see in the picture above, I have a LOT of nail polish. (This picture was taken after I cleaned out a bunch of old ones, so this is my streamlined collection!) My friends and family know that I have an obsession with nail polish so I would say 75% of these polishes were gifts (thanks, guys! You're the best!)


My favorite, by far, has been Essie polishes. They seem to last the longest, haven't gotten goopy on me even though I've had some of them for YEARS, have really good colors, go on nicely, etc. (these are my 2 favorites: Mod Square and E-Nuf is E-Nuf) I believe Essie polishes are usually around $8.50/ea.


I also like my OPI polishes, but I think I might like Essie slightly better? I think OPI (which I learned a few years ago you're supposed to pronounce "O-P-I" not "oh-pey", in case you've been pronouncing it incorrectly like me!) has a slightly bigger brush which I'm not a fan of. I believe OPI polishes are usually $9.50/ea, so a bit more expensive. Maybe that's also why I like Essie better, haha.


I've also tried Sephora and Ulta brand polishes, and liked both of those too. I don't think they lasted as long as Essie, but they weren't terrible. I think the two Ulta polishes I have came from their clearance section, so that automatically makes them awesome ;)


(side note: I strongly recommend scoping out clearance sections of stores to see if you can get any good polishes there!! Most of the time it's weird colors that no one wants, but sometimes you can get lucky.) // Edited to add: another good place is somewhere like TJ Maxx! I was just there tonight and they had some super cute Essie shades for $3.99. UM... YES!!


Finally, I do have a few drugstore brand polishes. I honestly don't use those as much, just because I have really nice quality polishes so why use the drugstore version? hah. I can't remember any that are particularly good or bad... I used to be obsessed with an NYC shade of pale pink but they discontinued it. Womp womp. I think it was pretty good quality, though, and only like $1 or $2! So those are a good option.


My friend Melanie has tried the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish and says those are good too! I haven't tried myself but it looked REALLY good on her and she said it had lasted one week plus. And you don't need a fancy light to do it. WIN. 


Sooo. There's my thoughts on nail polish! I totally think investing in a few nice polishes is a GREAT idea because they really do last forever and it'll save you a tooooon compared to going to a salon :)



What are your favorite nail polish brands?

Do you paint your nails often?

I almost always have my toenails painted-- I can't stand how they look without polish, haha. I normally have my fingernails painted, too, but sometimes get lazy and don't paint them for a few weeks.