So.  I did it.  I gave myself a hair cut, and I don't think it looks terrible!  


Here's how it went down.  About 2 weeks ago, I found a tutorial (I think it's since dissapeared from the internet, boo) about cutting your own bangs.  That article opened my brain to the possibility of cutting my own hair.  Why I hadn't contemplated that before?  I have no idea.  So I googled around for some other hair cutting videos/articles and found another tutorial that talked about trimming your hair.


With those two articles in hand (errr... computer),  I decided to take the plunge and ordered some hair cutting scissors off Amazon.


If you want to try this out, I suggest reading both tutorials because they explain everything so so so much better than I did :)  I tried to take pics during the process but forgot a few times.  Also, my photographer was drinking on the job... so there's that.



The Cut

Here are some before shots to give you an idea of what I was working with:


Note:  be sure your hair is as straight as possible when you're starting.  Mine had been in a bun all day so I used a hair straightener on it first.  Also, working with clean, dry, hair is pretty important.  I hadn't washed my hair in a few days (weeks? months? just kidding... kinda) so it was a grease-ball.  Unfortunately, that made it lay flatter than it usually would, and I think that made me cut off a little too much, especially from the bangs.  Learn from my mistakes!


Step 1:  Make 2 low pigtails in your hair, with the hair pulled forward over your shoulders.  Be sure to brush/comb the hair completely straight before putting in the hair tie.  Pull the hair tie down to where you'd like to make the cut, and then cut!  It's scary at first, then super exciting.  Just do it!


Step 2:  Cut the other side at an equal height.  No picture.  Just reverse the one above :)


Step 3:  Take out pigtails and brush the hair straight again.  There will probably be a "V" or "U" shape at the back of your neck.  We want to get rid of that.


Step 4:  Gather your hair at the back of your neck into a low (*** edited to emphasize: LOW!! I just did this and without thinking put it in a high pony and now I have some weird layers going on. hahah ***) ponytail and secure with a hair tie.  Cut off the "V" point of your ponytail.  This is where having a second person really comes in handy!  I think Mike cut off about an inch from the bottom of this ponytail.


Step 5:  Brush out hair and examine.  Does it look even?  Do you like it?  If so, you're done!  If not, repeat steps 1-4 to even out all the sides.  I wasn't quite even (understatement of the century? haha) so I repeated steps 1-4.


Yeah, not even close...


Step 6:  Once satisfied with the trim, it's time for bangs!  Use a comb to section off the front portion of hair that you'd like to turn into bangs.  You can secure the remainder of your hair with a hairtie to get it out of the way.


Step 7:  Cut the bangs to whatever level you'd like.  Cut longer than you think you'll want- you can always trim more but can't trim less ;)


Step 8:  point scissors vertically upwards and start snipping.  This adds more texture, or something like that.  The tutorial told me to do it!  


Step 9:  I ignored this instruction, but you can do it if you want:  use cuticle scissors to cut downwards through bangs.  Adds more texture, I think!


Step 10:  Admire your handiwork!


That's the pic right after I finished the cut.  Here are some pictures from the next day to show you what it looks like once clean/blowdried/straightened!


PS:  I attempted the at-home-cut AGAIN a few months after this!  And this time, I made a video... check it out!


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Ladies, have you ever cut your own hair?  How much do you spend on an average hair cut?  And how often do you go?

If I go to hair cuttery, I can get a cut for ~$20... if I go to somewhere fancier, it's ~$50... and I usually get it cut 2x a year.