Yesterday I was driving around had a sudden realization: I freakin' LOVE driving around with the windows down*, sun shining, and a good song on the radio. It's like the happiest feeling ever, right?


*but only when you're going under ~40mph... anything above that and your hair gets totally messed up


And then I realized: How often do I stop to identify and truly appreciate the FREE (or cheap) things that make me happy?


In my case, I know I don't do it often enough. (I occasionally write posts about it, though)


So as I'm driving around and realizing how much happiness it's giving me, I got the idea that I should start posting pictures of these free things that make me happy on my Instagram. Because, backstory, I've been kinda unhappy with my Instagram lately.


I've been slacking at posting things on there (my last picture is over 3 weeks ago?!) because I just don't know what to take pictures of. When I do remember to take pictures, it's because we're doing something out of the ordinary, like a beer tasting. BUT I hate having my Instagram made up of pictures like that, because it gives the impression that my life is one big exciting beer tasting/beach trip/ice cream fest. It's not! Those are just the picture-worthy moments.


(which is one of my biggest problems with social media in general... I find myself feeling depressed/falling into the comparison trap because everyone posts the best stuff about their life and mine seems super lame in comparison)


So I'm thinking that having this new goal of documenting the free/cheap things that make me happy will give me more of a structure for my Instagram (kinda like when I did the 100 happy days project... that was actually really fun!) AND, most importantly, will hopefully help inspire you!


I realized (I'm using that word a lot in the post... oops) last week that I have 3 goals with my blog and social media: I want to leave you feeling inspired, motivated, and/or excited to save money. So I think that posting these "free things that make me happy" are more likely to leave you feeling inspired to save money; whereas a picture of a beer tasting I went to won't leave you feeling inspired. It might even make you feel worse about your finances, and that's the exact opposite of what I'm going for!


I want to come up with a cool hashtag to use for these pictures so that you can join in, too! My current thought is #freestuffthatmakesmehappy... but is that too long? I'm no social media expert so I'm definitely open to suggestions :)


In totally other news-- I am ashamed that it's taken me this long to mention this.... but have you heard of the new Chipotle deal where you play a game (it has to do with picking which ingredients are in a Chipotle burrito vs another fast food item) and then you get a coupon for buy one get one free Chipotle! (and I don't even think it matters how well you do in the game; I got like 10/20 and still got the coupon) You do have to give them your phone number and get on their phone text list BUT you can totally cancel that as soon as you get your coupon! Do it soon because the site says "while supplies last" and I don't want you to miss out on BOGO Chipotle!



Would you be interested in seeing pictures of "free stuff that makes me happy" on Instagram?

Got any good ideas for a hashtag? :)

(If you come up with the winning hashtag, you'll get my undying love and possibly a handwritten thank you note ;) )