Happy Monday!  


Did you have a good weekend? Mike and I got back yesterday evening from our road trip down to VA.  It was an awesome weekend!


We left Rochester early Friday morning to make the 6.5 hour trek. Item #1 that I forgot was my phone.  Thankfully I realized when we were only a few minutes away from our apartment...


Anyway, we finally hit the road with all our possessions.  I'm not sure if I've told you guys this yet, but Mike really likes driving so he drives the entire way whenever we go places.  It's glorious. (#hesakeeper)  BUT I was semi-helpful and upgraded my Republic Wireless plan to the $25/mo data plan for the trip (it was SUPER EASY and I'll definitely have to do an update post on RW to tell you guys about that!) so that I could play DJ and catch us up on old episodes of The Kane Show while he drove.



We stopped at Sheetz (obvi) and I got a container of puppy chow with my lunch.  It was SO GOOD.  (this is an important detail to the story, you'll understand later)


We got back to VA around 4ish and swung by Mike's old place in Fairfax.  We walked up to the George Mason campus (that's where he went to grad school) and wandered around for a bit to give ourselves frostbite / stretch our legs and kill some time.



We also drove by the bar where we met!


Then we went over to Mike’s old roommates’ house (same ones who visited us in December when we walked on Lake Ontario) to see them and then go out to dinner.  We ended the night watching a marathon of gold mining shows on the Discovery channel and I may now be looking into a career as a gold miner....


Saturday we got up kinda early and went over to my parents’ house to see my family! It was the best day ever because my whole entire family was able to come over and see us!  That never happens- there's always someone who has work or is out of town. Thanks for hanging out with us, family :)



Later that afternoon we went back to our friends’ house and got all dolled up.


Then we went into DC for dinner and drinks for our friend Zach’s birthday!  We had SO MUCH FOOD at dinner.  I was pretty sure I was going to die of food coma at multiple points in the evening.


Sunday we had to take care of forgotten item #2-- I left my favorite (and only) winter hat at my parents' house.  Somehow I sweet talked my Dad into driving across town to meet us and hand over the hat... thanks, Padre!!


(And after we left our friends' house for the hat exchange, I had another minor panic attack thinking that I forgot my phone... again.  Thankfully I did have it.  Mike probably would have strangled me if I had forgotten one more thing ;) )


Anyway, we made it back to NY with all our belongings.  PHEW.



I capped off the night by making my first ever batch of Puppy Chow!  (see, told ya that detail earlier in the post was going to tie back in!)  I'm pretty sure I have already eaten like half of the batch... whoops.



How was your weekend?  Did you forget any important items?  (Please make something up if you didn't... that way I can tell Mike I'm not the only one)