Yesterday I had a realization... I miiiiiight be slightly paranoid about some financial things. But I think I'm okay with it. And I think you should be a little paranoid, too.  


Back story:

I was cashing a check Mike wrote me for utilities (at home... on my phone... dang banking is crazy efficient these days) and then I put it in the designated spot where I keep checks and receipts from returns until I'm sure they've posted on my account.


yes, that's the designated spot. haha. quite fancy, I know.


And that's when I realized... is that smart or paranoid to keep things until they're "officially" posted on your bank statement to verify that the check was deposited or the refund issued?


I vote that it's smart.


I think in today's world of online everything, it's really easy to want to ditch anything paper ASAP. I know in my case, I just kind of assume that once I've made a return or cashed a check, it's automatically going to show up in my account.


...But what if it doesn't and I don't realize it? What if there's some sort of mistake and they cash Mike's check for $7.30 instead of $73? What if the $14 I got for returning shoes at Target (not these; don't worry) doesn't actually show up on my card and I never realize that I didn't get my $14 back? I don't like just trusting that everything's going to end up right... I like to be proactive and make sure that it does end up right :)


So here's my system: I keep checks and receipts and anything that I need to verify in a stack near my computer. Actually, not so much in a "stack" but just shoved in the front of that file holder, in front of some homework from B-School {online business school!} and my "Things I Want/Need" list. (peeps on my email list, have you printed that out and started using it yet? I LOVE IT!!)


Once a week(-ish) when I'm looking over my online accounts (for fraudulent WWE charges, you know how it is) I take out that stack of receipts + checks + etc and double check that they've been properly posted to my account. I then rip up the cashed checks and receipts once I've verified that they've been taken care of :)


Another thing I do with receipts, for just general purchases that I make, is put them on my desk so that I remember to log them into my Excel Money Tracker in the morning (PS- want one of those trackers? Sign up for my Budget Coaching program and you'll get your very own money tracker!) If I think I might return anything, I put that receipt into the stack to keep until later. If I know I'm not going to need the receipt again, I rip it up after logging it in my tracker.


It isn't hard, it doesn't take me much time, but it gives me the peace of mind that I'm taking care of my money. I like that feeling. And I think you'll like it, too. :)



Do you keep receipts + checks to verify that they've been posted to your account correctly?

Or am I just uber paranoid? ;)


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