Reason #239098 that birthdays are great: all the free stuff you get! Before I left for VA on Monday morning, I cashed in on my Panera card birthday reward (I literally NEVER go to Panera, but at some point must have signed up for a card, haha) and got the most beautiful looking pecan roll.  



That reminds me... I keep meaning to write a big post about free stuff you can get on your birthday. I really should get on that. A free pastry from Panera is def a good perk to take advantage of!


Also, it's really warm in VA (like 75 on Monday?!) so I went on a run in shorts. Very exciting.




My mom and I explored a mall in the area that just got redone.. SO FANCY! (for northern va peeps-- Springfield Mall!) this mall used to be SUPER DUPER sketchy and terrible. I hated going in it. Now it looks beautiful and has fancy stores like TopShop. I'm no fashion blogger but I do believe that's a pretty popular store?



Yesterday I got to go to my favorite store (okay, second favorite behind Target)--- IKEA! The closest Ikea to Rochester is in Canada, I believe, which is a bummer. However I think it's a good thing that it isn't easily accessible because, much like Target, I WANT TO BUY EVERYTHING IN THERE. Like, look at that room above. Isn't that so cute? I want to buy every single thing in that room and recreate it in our apartment.



The actual reason for my trip to Ikea was to get this milk frother. I bought one a few years ago and it was AMAZINGGGG. Oh and it only cost $2.50ish (I think $2.39 actually but I can't remember so I'll round up). I definitely recommend going with the Ikea brand if you can... its so much cheaper than every other frother I've seen and it works really well! I mean, mine died after 2-3 years, but still. For $2 you really can't complain, haha.



And if you follow me on Instagram you already saw my excitement that Ikea serves iced coffee! It's like they're pulling out all the stops to get 20-something women addicted to their stores.



And then I drove to my brother's house and hung out with him & his family. And there was a really pretty sunset on the way. And now I'm blogging and eating a sugar cookie poptart that I stole from their pantry (ITS SO GOOD).


The end.


PS-- I hope you have an awesome Thanksgiving tomorrow!! (or just a normal Thursday, for my non-american readers ;)) I don't think I'll post Friday soooo talk to you Monday!


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Have you been to Ikea?

Do you own a milk frother?

I never thought I'd need to own one of those but DANG they are awesome for making fancy coffee drinks!