Oh man. I can't believe it's been over a month since I last posted! AH! I did not expect my little break to last that long, ha!


Soooo hmmmm. What have I been up to? A lot, quite frankly, but since I wasn't blogging I also kinda ditched my phone and haven't been taking many pictures. Whoops. So here's the two good ones that I do have:


Went to a wedding in Ithaca, NY. It was goregousssss. Mike was one of the groomsmen!


Drank a really good milkshake (the bubble gum milkshake from Sheetz)


And we rented an apartment! No pictures, but it's cute. We move in mid-October!


Oh and obviously I updated my site- do you like it??! I did end up making the switch to SquareSpace and I LOVEEEEE it so far. I have a lot to still work on but got impatient and just wanted to make it public and tweak as I go :) (so lemme know if you find any major issues around the site and I will try to fix them asap!)


Annnnnnd uhhh the biggie...


I went back to work!


So here's the deal. The reason I took some time off blogging is because this whole going-back-to-work thing has been in the works for 2ish months.All I wanted to do was talk about going back to work, and getting a real paycheck again (!!!!!), but I didn't want to announce it here until it was 100% going to happen. So I knew my heart wouldn't be in it if I tried to make myself blog but not talk about the HUGEEEE event going on in my life... so I decided taking a break was the right answer.


(Also it gave me time to relax and enjoy my last few weeks of freedom before my 9-5 started! ;) )


So the quick details are that I ended up back in the same exact office that I quit almost 2 years ago. Weird, huh? I'm back in a different role, working different projects, but with the same bosses and coworkers (which were my favorite part, so that's good!). It is SO weird to be working again, but so good to be back. I'm going to write a looooong post about all my feelings surrounding going back to work (spoiler: there are many) but overall I know this is the right decision for me at this time. 


I'm DEFINITELY not giving up Saving Money in your Twenties (the blog or the actual action of saving money... haaa) but for the next few weeks posts might be a little sporadic as I get used to the real working world again. Once we move in October, that'll cut around 1 hour off of my daily commute, so I'll gain back a lot of blogging time!


So. That's what's been going on in my life! Again, I promise many more details but for now, it's 9:15pm and I am EXHAUSTED. This whole real office job thing is HARD... how do you peeps do it?! ;)


What have YOU been up to in the last month?! Update me on your life, pleaseeee! :)

PS- new commenting system, let me know how you like it?