Did you catch my Instagram from Thursday night? I had been halfway contemplating cutting my hair for a few days and then 2 Summer Shandys later I found myself grabbing my hair cutting scissors and snipping away :)



No tutorial this time; I just used a combo of my original cutting method (to get a straight across cut) (wait but that video has 40,000+ views holy @#$!# are you kidding me?!!!!) and then my layered method (to put a few layers in the back) and I love how it turned out! (also it took approximately 10 minutes... I think I'm getting better at this diy hair cutting thing!) (could I use any more parentheses in this paragraph?) (obviously YES)


Looks like a small animal... nope, just a huge chunk of hair!


"Look I cut my hair!!" selfie to send to my Mom :)


I remember a few years ago I was TERRIFIED to cut my own hair (here's the post from my first attempt!!). It seemed like the craziest/dumbest thing I could ever do and I really wasn't sure that I wanted to go through with it just to save money. Flash forward 2 years and here I am, still cutting my own hair and loving having this new skill! Moral of the story: sometimes stuff will seem scary. Sometimes it'll seem scary even after you try it a few times. But keep at it and you'll keep getting better and gaining confidence :)


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What's a money-saving skill you have mastered?

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