Welp- I'm back in good ol' VA for the rest of the week.  Woohoo!  


I am far too busy laying on the couch like a bum to write anything particularly deep and insightful so I'll leave ya with a list :)


1.  I started a Pinterest page and have started pinning lots of productivity and motivational stuff.    Do you have Pinterest?  You should follow me :)  My new favorite activity before starting work in the morning is to look through my productivity board.  Seeing the productivity tips and quotes makes me want to be productive!


2.  Driving while listening to an audio book is the best.  Next time you have a long drive, check out an audio book from your local library.  Choose a suspense/thriller/mystery and it will totally distract you from the fact that you've been driving for a quarter of the day.  I listened to the first half of Delusion in Death which is actually a really creepy story (mass murder due to hallucinogenic drug... uhhh what?) but I'm hooked and can't wait for the drive back to NY on Saturday to find out who the bad guy is!


3.  I visited my old office yesterday and it was so weird- it does not feel like it's been 6 weeks since I left.  WHERE DOES THE TIME GO!?  Driving back into the parking lot and then walking up the stairs to our department made me feel like I was going in for just another day in the office.  (sidenote:  HI to any of my coworkers who are reading this!  I miss you tons!!!!)


4.  I did not miss VA traffic.  I got stuck in afternoon rush hour (at 4pm) driving home on Monday and was very grumpy.  It reminded me how nice Rochester's lack of traffic is ;)


5.  I've been cleaning out my old room at my parent's house (see above-- it's a stylish place, I know!  Did any of you have large stuffed animal pillows?  Those were the bomb.  As were smiley face pillows and butterfly lights).


I discovered a shoebox FULL of notes from high school.  Did you do the whole note-writing thing when you were in school?  Quite frankly, I'm not sure how I graduated high school judging by the amount of note-writing (and not the good kind of class notes) that went on during the school day.  But I also found my high school diploma so I'm quite positive that I did, indeed, graduate.  Phew.


Also unearthed from the depths of my room was this gem- the Dear Diary.  I remember how bad I wanted this thing (for Christmas maybe?) and how cool I thought I was once I got it.  It's funny to think that less than 10 years later, we had things like smartphones that functioned 103498234x better than the Dear Diary.  (For anyone jealous of this technological wonder, you can buy your own for ~$10.00 on Ebay.  You're welcome).


Found one of my senior pictures.  Chin in the hand pose = priceless!


Aaaaand my favorite ever school project.  I was so proud of this thing!  I have no idea what the assignment was... but I know that I wrote a poem, glued it to a boat, made sails from kebob skewers & fabric, and glued beads to a treasure chest to imitate real "treasure".  Yeah, I'm a nerd.  Also... bubble letters were the bomb.


6.  My awesome mom (hi Mom!!) checked out How to be Richer, Smarter, and Better Looking than your Parents (ironic that my own parent picked it up, ha) for me to read while I'm down here.  Megan mentioned it to me awhile ago and I've been wanting to read it ever since.  How do Moms always know what you want?!  Anyway, I am about halfway through and it's pretty good so far!  It's a great book for recent graduates (or current college students) who need a crash course in money.  So far I agree with all of the advice.


(also, do you like the fact that I took a picture of the book using a decorative fall tablecloth as the background?  It's amazing that I haven't made it as a photographer yet...)


7.  Depending on my level of laziness there may or may not be a post up on Friday.  I know, I just told you that I'd post every MWF... but I think we can let this one slide, huh? :)



What's the weirdest item you've discovered from your childhood?

Hope you have an awesome Thanksgiving!!