Let me set the scene as background to this blog post:  


It was Saturday afternoon. It was cold and rainy/sleeting. Mike and I had been trapped indoors all morning (see: rain/sleet/cold) and were dying for something fun to do.


Also, it was our second to last weekend living in Rochester, so we were trying to make the most of our time and not just nap the day away (which is really the only useful thing you can do on cold & rainy days like that).


We literally had NO IDEA what to do with ourselves.


So we decided to do one of our favorite activities: hit up a new local brewery for a beer tasting!


It was really good.



And then we grabbed dinner from one of our favorite bbq places next door. I don't have a picture of our food because a) we inhaled it before I could remember to document and b) because I'd feel bad showing you a picture anyway because it would make you hungry.


Total price tag for those two activities? $44. Whoa.


I'm not upset that we went, because after all, we are moving very soon and won't get the chance to hit up those places after next week. Honestly, we had wanted to go to that bbq place one last time before leaving, so we would have eventually done it anyway. Might as well have done it Saturday.


But still-- it made me realize that we need to come up with some more cheap (or free!) hobbies to keep ourselves occupied on cold, gross, rainy days like that in the future.


I think another problem with our current situation is that we ran out of activities on our Rochester Activity List (I made a list like this of things to do in Rochester) and in our Date Jar, and we haven't bothered to add anything new. So we kinda ran out of fun things to do and now we're just spending money to entertain ourselves, and that is NO GOOD.


So learn from me. Make sure you have a list (mental is good, physical is even better) of fun-- cheap!-- stuff you can do on days where you have nothing to do! It'll seriously save you some money :)



What do you do when you're bored?