WOOOOOOO we are back in Rochester for the weekend! First trip back since we moved in mid-January-- crazy!!!  


Mike and I drove up yesterday afternoon so that we could spend all day today exploring our old neighborhood and eating all the delicious food (cough, garbage plates) that we have been missing!


I'm excited to see if spring has really come to Rochester yet-- I went through my pictures from last year around this time and really hope we get to see all of it again! Here are some of my favorites from last year:


This was at the end of our street- it was my favorite sight! The colors don't really come through that well in this picture, but everything was SO vibrant and I just loved that little leaning tree :) I think it fell/got knocked down though... :(


There were so many tulips last year!


Like... everyyyywhere. I loved it :)


Those colors!!


I got to walk by these pretty trees when I went to Starbucks :)


How amazing is that sky?! So blue!! One of the few sunny Rochester days ;)


I hope it looks just as pretty as it did in these pictures!!! Ahhh can't wait! :)


What are you up to this weekend?