I’m trying to get more introspective/reflective/grateful/whatever you want to call it so that I’m more mindful of my daily actions and thoughts. I think a LOT of our spending habits are because we feel like we’re missing something in our life. We think we “need” to buy things because it’ll make us happy. (I've wrote about this before- throwback post but it's one of my favorites!)


A few weeks ago, I was sitting at work on Monday morning and for some reason I started thinking about what I had done the previous weekend. Suddenly I realized how freakin' AWESOME my weekend was and it totally made me happy just thinking about it! It reminded me how important it is to take some time to just reflect on life and be grateful for the experiences you have, rather than rushing through life and always looking for "What's next? What will make me 'happy' next?" (usually meaning: what can I buy next that will make me happy?)


I think that taking a few minutes to reflect on our happy experiences will actually make us LESS likely to spend money on dumb stuff.


Here's a little recap of the weekend that made me so happy:

Friday: Ran errands with Mike after work. I did spend money but it was for useful things- not random knicknacks that I didn’t need. Score.


Saturday: went to the library to be productive and do work with Mike for a few hours. (I LOVE doing that on the weekends! Sometimes we go to Panera, sometimes the library) Then I drove my mom and I up to visit my grandma! Had dinner with her and visited with some other family members.


Sunday: I somehow woke up both mornings before 8am. This was HUGE. As much as I like sleeping, I also kind of like being up early on weekends. I spent my early morning hours reading, then went on a walk with Mike, then the gym, then made an awesome breakfast, (we are REALLY good at breakfast; it's the best) then went on another walk at a nearby nature preserve (it was 60* and sunny!) and then ended our evening watching football and drinking homebrewed beer.



Here's the thing: Almost every single part of that weekend was perfect. It's the exact type of weekend I love- productive, with some family time, down time, exercise, good food, reading... ALL MY FAVORITE THINGS.


But what if I hadn't paused to think about it that Monday morning? 


I am so glad that I did take the time to reflect on my weekend. I could have easily overlooked how happy that weekend made me, and immediately moved on to "What's next? What will make me happy next?" (aka, what can I buy that will make me happy next?) when really, just reliving the weekend was enough to make me happy!


Also, it was a good reminder to myself that a weekend like that, which made me so happy, didn't involve spending much money. Note to self: I don't need to spend money to have an enjoyable weekend :)



Take a minute to reflect on your past few days. Tell me what has made YOU happy!



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