FIRST! Big news! I finally entered the 21st century and made a FACEBOOK GROUP for this blog! Wahoo!! I am restricting membership to only people who are on my email list-- so make sure you're on my email list! I'll send the link out in an email at 11am EST today :) 


It's a 'closed' group, which means we can all chat back and forth but no one else on Facebook, other than those of us in the group, can see what you say. I'm envisioning it as a safe space for you to come and say "omg, my friends want to go on a $2,000 vacation and I don't know how to say no! Help!" and we can all chime in and give advice. Or you can get motivation to keep on your savings goals, or find an accountability buddy to help motivate you to pay off debt! Sound fun? :)


You know that feeling when you hear/learn about something that TOTALLY makes everything that's been floating around in your head just click and suddenly make sense??


That was me last week. And it was AWESOME.


Here's the story: I like to listen to podcasts as I walk to the library, get dressed, fold laundry, etc. I go through phases of what I listen to, but lately I've been listening to Jess Lively's podcast- The Lively Show.



So I was listening to this episode where Jess interviews Gretchen Rubin (author of the book The Happiness Project, which I've actually talked about on the blog before) and their conversation totally gave me that "AH HA!" moment where everything in my brain clicked into place.


Gretchen's newest book, Better than Before, is all about habit formation and how different people's personalities help them stick to habits or hurt them from sticking to habits.  (and I technically haven't read the book yet, so I might be missing a few parts in that brief summary)


I was totally fascinated by the discussion because I suddenly realized: I think a big part of my money-saving abilities aren't anything special-- they're just habits that I've created in my life. So maybe I should be focusing more (on this blog, in my courses, etc) on the habit formation of saving money?


Some money saving habits in my life:

  • Always making my lunch at home. (slightly easier now that I work from home... but still. buying lunch is literally never a thought that crosses my mind, even if I'm out and about during the day)
  • Obsessively tracking my money and knowing where each of my dollars goes every month.
  • Only getting books from the library; never purchasing them (unless I fall in love with the book and really want it for myself)
  • Always painting my own nails. It's never even a question in my mind of "will I go get a manicure this week?" No, it's no question-- I'm painting my own nails.
  • Cutting my own hair ;)
  • Always making a shopping list before I go grocery shopping, and currently working on the habit of meal planning before going shopping.
  • Always walking to the library to do work (I usually work from the lib at least a few hours each day)-- never driving.


When you look at these habits, there's nothing spectacular. They're little habits in themselves, they don't make me feel like I'm being cheap or frugal (because they're just habit), but they all add up to save a lot of money in my life.


So that's what I'm pondering this week. I'll probably keep posting about this for awhile as I think it though... you're getting a front row seat to my brain, haha. Also I haven't even read the book yet, so expect even more posts on this once I actually have my hands on the book! ;)



Do you have any money-saving habits?

Are you interested in learning about habits and saving money?