If there's one thing I love... it's free stuff. So I particularly like when 'holidays' like Tax Day come along and businesses decide to give away free things to celebrate :)  



Speaking of... Yes, we did indeed take advantage of the Ben + Jerry's free cone day yesterday! Told ya I like free stuff... :) I would include a picture of the cone here but I was too busy inhaling it to take a picture. Salted caramel blondie = AMAZING.


But first! Before the freebies, I wanted to share a thought. (for those of you who follow me on Instagram, you've already partially heard this)



So I bought these shoes (from Target, obvi) last week and am SO ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH THEM that I can't even handle it. You know that feeling when you use your money to buy something so fantastic that you've been wanting and needing for so long and you literally regret the purchase 0% because it's just that useful and amazing in your life?


That's how these shoes are for me. It reminded me that when you're careful with your money and only spend it on stuff that you really, really, really want/need... you get the happiest feeling :)


Oh except I slightly regret the purchase right now because now they're 20% off and I bought them full price! BOO! haha, still worth it :)


Let's do more of that kind of spending, less of the 'eh I don't really need this but I just feel like buying something' spending, ok? :)


Next: moving on to the Tax Day Deals!


Free/Discounted Food:

Boston Market- buy one meal/sandwich/bowl get one free! (here's the link)

Sonic- half priced cheeseburgers (here's the ad on their FB page)

California Tortilla- free chips and salsa or queso (mmmm) if you make a purchase and say "taxes schmaxes" (here's the post on their website)

Great American Cookies- free sugar cookie, no purchase necessary! (link to their FB post)

Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt- fill a 16 oz cup for $4.15! (I think you have to claim the offer? Here's the link on fb) We don't have one near us sadly... but I wish we did because that's a pretty good deal for froyo!



Yeah, we're really getting to be adults if you get excited about coupons for free shredding. They say to keep your tax stuff for at least 3 years, but if you have any other paperwork you want to get rid of + shred, you should take advantage of these offers!

Office Depot and Office Max-free shredding for up to 2 lbs of paper, with coupon, until April 25.

Staples- free shredding for up to 5lbs of paper, with coupon (look in your store's weekly ad, last page should have the coupon), until May 2.

Let me know if you've heard of any other deals! Honestly, I'm not too pumped about any of these tax day deals (minus the froyo, just wish we had a location!). I don't frequent any of those places soooo I probably won't be using any of those offers. But let me know if you take advantage of any of them! :)



Are you getting any tax day freebies?

What's the last purchase you made that you were ABSOLUTELY, 100%, so so so so SO in love with?