The absolute WEIRDEST thing ever happened to me the other day.  


It was so shocking that I really didn't even know how to handle it.


I've taken a few days to process the situation and I think I'm finally ready to talk about it.... so here goes:



I went to Target... gave myself free reign to buy ONE impulse item... and literally could NOT find one thing that I wanted to buy.




Let me tell you- this is NOT a normal occurrence. My usual Target behavior is forcing myself to put items BACK, not trying to force myself to choose something!


But I've thought about it, and I think this happened for three main reasons:


# 1. I have pretty lofty financial goals, and keeping my eye on the 'entrepreneurship prize' is enough to keep me from silly impulse purchases, no matter if I gave myself the go-ahead or not.


# 2. I've begun to think in terms of monthly costs. I am keeping my monthly spending down around $1,000 per month, so I can easily analyze any purchase in terms of percentage of my monthly budget. Do I want to buy a new $20 desk organizer? That's 2% of my monthly budget. Just on a desk organizer! Not worth it.


# 3. I initially thought that I wanted to buy something for my "office" (read: desk in the living room). As I wandered the office aisles, I asked myself WHY I wanted to purchase an office supply. I quickly realized it was because I equated a new purchase with feeling more successful. But uhhh, the purchase of a new pack of pens or post-it notes isn't going to make me a success! The purchase lost its allure after I realized it was really just a coping mechanism to make myself feel more successful.


Needless to say, I walked out of Target with only what I had come for- shampoo and green tea. (our Target surprisingly has cheaper tea than Wegmans- who woulda thought?) It was a sad day for Target AND me.


I really think that a lot of this strange occurrence had to do with where I am in life right now. Quitting my job and having much less cash coming in really makes me analyze every dollar.


What about you? What big goal are you saving up for? Start analyzing every dollar and see how that affects your spending!


Every one of us have the power to do ANYTHING we want with our money- the main thing stopping us is the junk we spend money on!


Have you ever lost your desire to purchase 'stuff'? 

Let's figure out a way to bottle that feeling and save it for any future trips to Target... who knows if I'll feel this way the next time I go shopping ;)