Hope you had an awesome weekend! I'm still recovering from our weekend of travel and will share pics + a recap on Wednesday!! :) :)


Last week I was browsing Facebook, killing time, procrastinating cleaning the kitchen or something like that, and I came across a FB friend's status announcing that she was taking a big (international) trip at the end of this year.


Not the trip she's taking, but a picture of the beach trip we took with friends last year! Thought it was fitting for this post.


Among all the normal "omg, so cool!" comments, there was one interaction that caught my attention. I screenshotted it (I am an insane level of creepy, it's fine, I already know) to show you:


If you can't tell, the blue one is the girl who's going on the trip.


I was just so impressed at that answer that I knew immediately I wanted to write a post about it :)


Here's the thing: that's my EXACT belief when it comes to money! You've heard me say this a million times before, but you MUST have financial priorities!! That's exactly what the girl responded with, basically-- she's prioritized spending money on travel by cutting some of her spending and taking extra shifts at work.


I kind of hate that saying, the "I'm so jealous of you" thing. (side note: I know I say it to people too and I don't really mean it in a bad way), but when people say it to me it makes me feel weird. It makes me feel like I'm super special and am doing something that other people couldn't possibly do.


I remember that feeling when I announced that I was quitting my job to start my own business. There were a few "I'm so jealous!" comments that I got and it kind of made me uncomfortable and I wanted to say the same thing that girl above said! I worked my ass off to save up enough money so that I could do it-- and YOU can totally do that too if you want it bad enough!


I truly believe that if you prioritize your spending and decide what's truly important to you, whether that's a huge trip across the world or quitting your office job to start your own business, you CAN do it! It might take a lot of hard work and it might take a long time, but it is possible!


So how about this. Let's stop being jealous of other people, and let's go after what we want in life! If you see someone doing something that you want to do... prioritize that in your life and go after it! You CAN take that trip. You CAN quit your job and start your own business.


After all... you CAN do anything you want-- but maybe not everything.



What are you prioritizing in your life right now?

Me? Keeping my spending low so I can continue working for myself :)