I think it was one of my parents who taught me this trick (thanks Mom or Dad, whichever of you it was!) but you should ALWAYS keep $20 in the glovebox of your car.  



You may think you'll never need it, and I really hope that's true. But bad situations happen to all of us!


Maybe you're like me and often forget your wallet (like when you switch purses and forget to grab your wallet- tell me I'm not the only one?) and are running on empty and NEED to get gas.


Or maybe even a WORSE situation...


I hate to even admit this because it's so shameful. You'll probably never look at me the same again!


...on the way home from vacation, I committed one of my most hated sins...


I paid for an ATM fee!


(oh the horror!)


{no but seriously, that's one of the most easily avoidable fees, you should NEVER be paying that stilly $2 or $3!}


We were stuck somewhere in Pennsylvania driving through a seemingly endless stretch of toll roads. (side note: It seemed that many of these roads just suddenly had a toll booth that appeared- with no warning or letting us know how much the toll would be until we were right up on it! HOW IS THAT LEGAL?! At least tell us that we're about to be tolled, dang!)


At this point in the drive, Mike and I have paid close to $15 (maybe more like $20) in tolls and have approximately $2 in cash left on us. We had absolutely NO idea how many more toll roads we'd encounter (or how much the toll would be), so we made the executive decision to stop at a Sheetz (duh) and try to get cash.


Unfortunately that Sheetz didn't have the option for cash back, like grocery stores do (which is my fav method of getting cash!), so we had to ATM it... and of course get slapped with the $2.50 ATM fee. Womp womp.


{And, as luck would have it, we didn't hit any other toll roads after that... haha.}


Anyway, the morals of this story are:

  1. I really just wanted to vent about Pennsylvania and their dang toll roads,
  2. yes I know, I really need to get an EZ Pass, and
  3. KEEP $20 in your glovebox for situations like that!


(Sidenote: I actually ALWAYS follow this advice and have have a $20 in my glovebox. But of course, I had used it to pay someone back during vacation and hadn't had a chance to replace it yet! blahhh)



Do you have an EZ Pass? Do you share in my hatred of Pennsylvania and their toll roads?