So these first few pictures have nothing to do with the actual point of this post but I just have to share...  


Last weekend the weather was GORGEOUS so Mike and I decided to do some exploring of the lakes that are near us.


We walked around two lakes (they both had pretty awesome paths) and took a billion pictures and it was JUST AWESOME. I'm so glad winter is over.


I literally can't even. How cute is that bridge?!!!! SO CUTE. I know.


Yeah. We need to walk these lakes more often. So pretty :)


Alright. Scenery over... moving on!


Remember a few weeks ago when I interviewed Paige from Healthy Hits the Spot in the Gettin' Nosy series?


She has since inspired two things that I want to share with you guys!


#1- Lentil Soup

Paige posted this recipe for her Dad's Lentil Soup (the recipe is near the end of the post) and it sounded really good. I'm always in the market for new crock pot recipes, and the fact that it was vegetarian was even better! (I'm not vegetarian but I like switching it up and not always eating meat)


So I tried it, with a few minor tweaks based on what I had on hand (chicken broth instead of stock, no celery but extra carrots, kale instead of spinach, no 21 seasoning salute) and it was SO GOOD!


I almost skipped her topping suggestion of toasted sourdough bread + avocado but I'm glad I didn't... that part was amazing too!


You should totally try it. So good. And it made a massive quantity, so I got to freeze some for a day I'm feeling too lazy to make dinner! haha :)


#2- "You CAN have this later!"

Paige also wrote a post about how to not overeat when you're at a restaurant... and that totally got me thinking about how we can stop ourselves from overbuying items at a store! (here's the link to her post!)


Her tip is to basically tell yourself, "I can have this later if I want! But for right now, I'm okay without it" Again, she's talking about food BUT think about it in terms of buying things... Let's say you see a super cute pillow at Target that you feel like you HAVE to buy.


Instead of buying it right then, what if you tell yourself, "I can come back and buy this later if I want! But for right now, I'm okay without it."


Boom. You go home; you've removed yourself from the temptation of the store (I've said it before, their marketing will get ya!) so now you can make a more level-headed decision later about whether you truly need the pillow or not. (and most likely... you won't need it! :) )


I'm TOTALLY trying this next time I go to Target!



Do you have any cool techniques to keep yourself from buying ALL.THE.THINGS. when you go shopping?

I basically just try to stay out of stores as much as possible... not in a store, can't spend money :)