As I alluded to in my last post... there was one big bummer that happened during last weekend's Rhode Island wedding trip... I got a flat tire. Womp womp.  


The beautiful YELLOW (???) spare tire on my car... whoa. Also anyone think spare tires look absolutely frightening? This tire seriously looked like it would be more appropriately sized for use on a bicycle rather than a car! Scary small.


We were about 2 hours out from RI when my car's tire pressure sensor light went on. We didn't think much of it but kept driving and figured that maybe I just needed to put air in my tire. No biggie.


By the time we got to Rhode Island we were distracted by hanging out with our friends and honestly didn't even think about it until Saturday morning. We checked it out and sure enough... my back driver's side tire was FLAT. No bueno.


Side note: Might I also mention that this is the SECOND time we have gotten a flat tire while on a road trip for a friend's wedding?! Yeah, seriously. This same exact thing happened last April when we drove to North Carolina for a wedding!


So we ended up taking it to a little local car repair shop to get fixed (and paid $30 ughhh was def not expecting it to be that expensive! we even took the tire off the car so that price doesn't even include taking it off and putting it back on!) and its fixed and all is good.


BUT. As we (ahem... Mike. Thanks, boo!) were putting the fixed tire back on the car, I got nervous. What if they did a bad job and my tire explodes or goes flat again? I live nowhere near this shop, there is absolutely nothing I can do to bring it back to them and demand it to be fixed or get my money back! (yeah, I know they probably did a fine job but I just suddenly started thinking worst case scenario)


And that's when I realized: perhaps when you're on a trip far from home and you have car troubles, you should (if possible) take your car to a chain shop that you know you have near your house, rather than a little local place!


In this case, a quick google search shows me that there was a Midas half a mile down the road from the place we took it! Bah!


PS-- I'm all for supporting local businesses BUT... in this case I feel more comfortable knowing that I can go back to the shop if necessary! I'll support local restaurants and ice cream shops and breweries instead :)


Beach pic to break up all the text. mmmmmm beach :)


Hopefully this flat-tire-on-a-road-trip situation never happens to you but if it does... for peace of mind maybe you should think about taking your car to a chain location! Just in case :) And of course, sometimes that isn't possible so in that case obviously take it wherever you can!



Have you ever had car troubles on a road trip? What did you do/where did you take your car?

It's funny, when we walked into the auto shop we saw another couple who were also in town for the wedding! They had driven from WASHINGTON STATE (!!!!!!) for the wedding (yes that's like 48 hours+ of driving) and had a flat tire when they arrived. So I guess this is a frequent problem for road trips!