One of the funniest things about becoming a more frugal person is how many life changing epiphanies (is that redundant?) it brings.  


One good example is the hair cutting thing. I went through my first 24 years of life NEVER ever thinking that I could cut my own hair.


It's not even a question- you go to a hair salon to get your hair cut. That's just how it is.


But once I tried it, I realized that it IS totally possible to do it myself!


Another thing I tried was not using a loofah. Wouldn't ya know, that was life changing too!


And just recently, I discovered that I've wasted a lot of broccoli in my life.


I always thought that the "stalk" of the broccoli wasn't all that edible. I mean, I knew you could eat it, but I didn't think it was that delicious. So whenever I bought fresh broccoli, I cut off a majority of the stalk and only ate the tops.


But the other day, I was prepping dinner and started questioning myself. "Why do I waste all that broccoli? Have I ever given it a chance? I should try to cook the stalks too and see if I like them."


So I cut off just a teeny bit of the stalk and the leaves- although it just occurred that I should have given those a chance, too- and chopped up the rest.


(This isn't really a recipe post but in case you're curious, I tossed with olive oil, salt, and pepper, and cooked at 400 for 20 mins)


Surprise surprise, the whole entire thing was DELICIOUS! I've been wasting all those broccoli stalks for nothing!


I tried this experiment with asparagus, too. On all the food tv shows, they tell you to bend the asparagus and wherever the stalk breaks, that's the part you throw out. Usually this process leads you to ditch the bottom 3ish inches of the asparagus. But after this broccoli revelation, I decided to try the new method on asparagus. So I cut off only about 1 inch... and another surprise, it was still delicious!


I learned a very important lesson... just because you've always done something one way or assumed that you couldn't do something- try it out anyway! Who knows, you might end up changing your life :)



Has frugality opened your eyes to anything new?